Kurt Haskell: Pizzagate Spin – "This is one of the most fake interviews I've ever seen. This is also a perfect example of why many people don't like or trust Alex Jones"

Kurt Haskell writes another insightful analysis on his Facebook page regarding this video, Witness to Ping Pong Pizza Event Joins Infowars:

This is one of the most fake interviews I’ve ever seen. This is also a perfect example of why many people don’t like or trust Alex Jones.

As you know, a few days ago we had the Comet Ping Pong gunman false flag. Here is a quick recap: An actor from North Carolina drove to Washington DC to investigate the Pizzagate allegations tied to Comet Ping Pong. He walked in with an AR15 in the open, maybe fired one shot at a lock on a door, the police were called and he was arrested in minutes without incident. The police report indicated only one worker and 3 customers fled the building. If you think about it, it’s utter bs. A real attack would have included a plan such as taking the owner, James Alefantis hostage at closing time, breaking into Comet Ping Pong after it closed to search the entire place, etc. It also would have included a plan to escape and/or a plan to fight to the death with police. Further, it would have for sure included a perpetrator that was undercover with a hidden weapon to lower the risk of the police being called. It included none of these and the perpetrator is, literally, an actor. This is 100% a false flag to paint the Pizzagate online investigators as crazies and to make Pizzagate seem less plausible.

Which leads to this interview.

In this video, Alex Jones talks to an eyewitness from the Comet Ping Pong gunman false flag. Here is what raised red flags with me. First of all, the eyewitness comes right out attacking Alex Jones. There was no “thanks for having me on” or an introduction of who this guy is or what he saw. This guy went straight into blaming Alex Jones for his role in the “attack” on Comet Ping Pong. He blames Alex Jones for inciting attacks on Comet Ping Pong by his discussions on prior shows regarding Pizzagate. That is not the normal order to do things in an interview. This was done out of order TO EMPHASIZE THE REAL REASON THIS GUY CAME ON INFOWARS! The real reason he came on Infowars was a concealed threat to Alex Jones. Let me explain.

The interviewee is a Washington DC attorney. Don’t overlook this point. Do you think think that he would risk thousands or millions in possible lost business by defending possible pedophiles at Comet Ping Pong without being compensated for it? No way. …

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