Christopher Bollyn & Haaretz: Netanyahu Is Dragging Israel into the Abyss

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Netanyahu Is Dragging Israel into the Abyss

Benjamin Netanyahu’s reaction to the U.N. resolution condemning Israel’s illegal settlements reveals the Israeli leader’s psychopathic worldview. It should be noted that Netanyahu has been the driving force behind the fraudulent “War on Terror” since it was rolled out in a ‘propaganda offensive’ at the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism in July 1979. This conference was hosted at the Netanyahu Institute and was arranged by Menachem Begin, the self-proclaimed “Father of International Terrorism.” The false-flag terrorism of 9-11, conceived and engineered by Israeli military intelligence, was the terror atrocity that was designed to trick the United States military into the Middle East to wage war on behalf of the Zionist state of Israel. That’s where we have been for the past 15 years at great expense to our nation in lives and treasure lost.

An editorial in today’s Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz entitled “Netanyahu Is Dragging Israel into the Abyss” says that Netanyahu’s “abandonment of diplomacy” is “part of a broad and dangerous plan to disengage from international law and stop playing by its rules.”

Netanyahu is, according to Ha’aretz, “dragging his country into the abyss.” I would argue that Netanyahu took Israel to the abyss long ago and stopped “playing by the rules” when he and other Likud extremists decided to carry out the 9-11 attacks in order to kick-start their long-planned “War on Terror”. Nations that are run by psychopathic madmen like Netanyahu will invariably find themselves in the abyss.

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With the election of Donald Trump, a friend of Netanyahu, the question concerned Americans now face is: What are we going to do to prevent Netanyahu’s madness from ruining our nation and world? If Trump, as president, continues to support the Israeli madman, we will have a very serious problem on our hands.

From: “Netanyahu Is Dragging Israel into the Abyss”

“As Israel’s diplomatic defeat at the UN Security Council becomes clearer, it’s equally clear why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stubbornly insists on being foreign minister as well. Netanyahu doesn’t want anyone interfering as he destroys diplomatic relations with the countries, some friendly to Israel, that “dared” to vote for the resolution declaring the settlements illegal. The burial of the Foreign Ministry and the abandonment of diplomacy turns out to be part of a broad and dangerous plan to disengage from international law and stop playing by its rules…

“Netanyahu is trying to cover up his defeat with arrogant and hollow rhetoric and by lighting Hanukkah candles at the Western Wall. It’s one thing that he can’t look reality in the eye and refuses to understand that an agreement with the Palestinians is a paramount Israeli interest. What’s worse is that the prime minister is dragging his country into the abyss.”

Source: “Netanyahu Is Dragging Israel Into the Abyss”

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