Islam Is Not A Religion Of Peace – Articles at


Muslims Murdered 2.4m Hindus, Raped 200,000 In 1971

Endless Islamic Murder List – 600 Million in 1200 Years

Islamic Invasion Of India – Greatest Genocide In History

Political Islamic Double Talk Lies And Hate Explained

Islam Is Not A Religion Of Peace

Political Islam Has Subjugated Civilizations For 1,400 Years

Islam Is Taking Over Europe – Mass Slaughter Coming

Muslims Swear To Make It Legal To Rape White Women

Another Brain Dead Leftist Activist Raped
By The Muslim She Took Into Her Home In Germany

Feminism And Liberals Protecting Subhuman Muslim Rapists

Why Muslim Rapists Prefer Blondes

Muslim Refugee Living With Family RAPES & MURDERS Two Daughters

Raping White Women…Islam’s Racist Mandate

The Left’s Embrace Of Muslim Rape – Of Their Own Daughters

Islam Will Destroy The World – Why Do You See Hordes
Of Fighting Age Men Being Injected Into Europe & The US?


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