Joel Skousen: Trump Versus the Deep State — Trump seems to be totally taken in by the intelligence agency propaganda that “Iran is the biggest sponsor of terror in the world.” Wrong. Iran is the biggest sponsor of fighters trying to counter the US globalist agenda in the Middle East • Saudi Arabia is the best example of a state that depends on the US to maintain its dictatorial power over its people • US is targeting Yemenese who are against the US war to oust Assad

World Affairs Brief, February 3, 2017 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
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This Week’s Analysis:
Trump Versus the Deep State
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As the second week in Donald Trump’s presidency comes to a close, it was inevitable that Trump would run up against some of those elements of the deep state firmly entrenched in government.
Another major story this week was about Trump’s first authorization of a secret US military operation in the Middle East that went badly. Apparently the al Qaeda target of the raid was heavily armed and knew the Navy Seals were coming. As the UK Daily Mail pointed out, some Special Forces people feel the operation was compromised by a leak inside the US government.

An eight-year-old American girl and a SEAL Team Six member have been named after they were killed in President Trump’s first military raid, in which officials have said ‘almost everything went wrong.’ It involved ‘boots on the ground’ at an al Qaeda camp near al Bayda in south central Yemen, officials confirmed in a statement to NBC.

The US involvement in this little known but surrogate war against Yemen is all wrong. The Yemenese government, prior to the war, was a surrogate for the US supplying terrorists in Syria, but the Houti rebels ousted the government, and the US unleashed Saudi Arabia to fight against the rebels in order to reinstall their puppet government. The Saudis have been doing badly in the war and have caused thousands of civilian casualties.
Naturally, military intelligence told Trump and the media that this target was an al Qaeda terrorist camp, but Trump has no way of knowing whether that was true or not. All we really know is that the US is targeting Yemenese who are against the US war to oust Assad.

An official told the news outlet that the raid was directed from a US base in Djibouti. A US official told ABC News that SEAL Team Six members took a Marine MV-22 [Tilt rotor transport aircraft, faster than helicopters]. That source told ABC that with armed drones above, the SEALs got to the compound where they were instantly met with heavy fire – and it was obvious that al Qaeda compound fighters had been expecting the Americans.

Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis said Monday there’d been female fighters who ‘ran to pre-established positions as though they had trained to be ready and trained to be combatants and engaged with us’. Chief Special Warfare Operator William ‘Ryan’ Owens, a 36-year-old from Illinois, was killed in a firefight which left three other SEALs hurt, according to the news outlet.

There have to be CIA dark side agents embedded in the military that know all about US backing of terrorists, including ISIS, and are complicit in giving out target data for aircraft and special operations that they know will not really damage ISIS. They are also used to warning ISIS or US-backed al Qaeda terrorists that a strike is imminent, so that pilots think they did damage to a terror facility, but it turned up empty when they arrived. Obviously, US agents don’t talk directly to terrorists lest they know that the US is aiding them. They always direct orders and warnings to terror leaders higher up, so ordinary terrorists never know.
Did this operation mistakenly get leaked, out of habit, or because there is too much confusion going on about real terror versus “false-flag terror.” It must be hard for agents who manage the US part of the war on terror to reliable know which guys down the terror leadership chain of command are “in the know” and which are not. Or, did the deep state just decided to hand Trump a failure on his first try? The only good result of that will be that Trump may be more wary next time of letting the intel guys talk him into such operations.
The bad news on this theme of “Trump vs. the Deep State” is that Trump seems to be totally taken in by the intelligence agency propaganda that “Iran is the biggest sponsor of terror in the world.” Wrong. Iran is the biggest sponsor of fighters trying to counter the US globalist agenda in the Middle East, but the US and British deep state are by far the biggest sponsors of terror, including attacks on Europe and the US, aided in recent decades by their surrogates, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. It’s complex, and new subscribers are encouraged to use the archives at to find my past briefings backing up those statements.
Don’t get me wrong. The Islamic government of Iran is a problem, especially to its own educated class of people who long for a secular state, but most of its attempts to become self-sufficient in the full range of weapons, including mass destruction, is because they recognize that Iran has been targeted for destruction by western globalists—who don’t want any Muslim state to have their own weapons industry.
The globalists, ever since WWI have always treated Arabs and Muslims as cannon fodder—to be used up in wars of conflict creation and never allowed to rule their own lands without being beholden to the US for protection. Saudi Arabia is the best example of a state that depends on the US to maintain its dictatorial power over its people. No “Arab Spring” uprisings are allowed for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, or Qatar; only for non-cooperating countries like Egypt, Libya and Syria. Iran’s beef with Israel is that they correctly realize that Israel is run by leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu that are aligned with the globalist NWO.
This week both National Security Advisor Flynn and Trump condemned and threatened Iran for testing a ballistic missile—in contravention of the still unsigned Iran deal. “As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice,” Flynn said, speaking to reporters in the White House briefing and also issuing a written statement. He didn’t specify what “on notice” means, but the globalists know that this is a prelude to war.
This was the whole reason the US pressured Iran into allowing the US to add restrictions on conventional weapons and missiles in the agreement in the last round of negotiations—to make sure the US would have an excuse to attack Iran someday. Technically, there is a clear disagreement on terms here about what the missile restriction in the agreement involves. The US claims it means any missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, and the Iranians say it only restricts missiles with a nuclear warhead—which the tests did not have.
While the Iran “Nuclear” Deal has never been signed by Iran or the US, the US did get it implemented into a UN Security Council resolution, with the stipulation that any violation of the agreement would allow the UN to automatically authorize a military response from member nations. Trump and Flynn are falling into this very carefully crafted globalist trap set for Iran.
As I have pointed out in prior briefings, the entire purpose of going after Syria was because the Israelis were demanding it as a prior condition to their initiating an attack on Iran. They were afraid that in a war with Iran, Syria would have the most retaliatory power against Israel, being right next door and having hundreds of missiles and chemical warheads. Now that Russia has essentially blocked the fall of Assad in Syria, it appears the US globalists may try to push Trump into attacking Iran even though Syria is not yet out of the way.
I think the globalists think that Syria is now so tied up fighting US-backed rebels that they couldn’t pose a retaliatory threat to Israel, so the attack plans are back on. And this nuclear deal will be the issue that triggers it. Too bad Trump doesn’t see how he is being manipulated into another globalist war, despite his desire not to intervene in other country’s affairs. Once again, I still don’t think this will escalate into a nuclear world war, even if the US and Israel do attack Iran. It would stay regional, and I don’t believe the Russians would get involved to save Iran if it meant direct combat with the US. Russia isn’t ready for that yet.

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