Keeping Your Children Out of Liberal Universities

It’s been decades since I attended universities, but even then the pressure to conform to the liberal and antiGod agenda was enormous.
And it’s not only the lies they present as facts, but the facts they refuse to teach about our history and what’s really going on.
At seminary, the pressure was there too. It’s a real, spiritual battle, and key truths are not taught at teaching institutions, which have been hijacked.
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Keeping Your Kid Out of Liberal Universities

2 thoughts on “Keeping Your Children Out of Liberal Universities

  1. Every thing you discussed in this video equally applies to the Canadian education system. Our universities are infested with Cultural Marxists who are authoritarian and wish to control and condition their students minds. On a slightly different note, many of the students who come her to study are racists, telling Canadians what they must do, so as to oblige them better, and just all around disparaging of the root stock of the country and its institutions. Who do we have to thank for this are our traitorous politicians at all levels of government and of course the Jews, I ‘ll keep it short for now, but let’s never forget The Reich Was Right – Cheers!!!

    1. Sad to hear. I’ve been following Arthur Topham’s case in Canada, and have learned a lot from his posts as to how corrupt Canada is getting too.
      It’s clear to me that we’ve been infiltrated with a Talmudic, anti-God cult, who in America anyway, owns Hollywood and the media, the banks, many of our politicians. The control much of education, get US to do their warmongering in Jesus’ name (completely reverse-Christian, because they control most pastors too).
      Martin Luther saw the problem, and wrote a book about it, but Luther was really mean, and Hitler picked up on some of his violent solutions.
      I agree that “the Reich was right” in identifying the problem and doing something about it. But they went too far by trying to incarcerate and expel all of the Talmudists (who mostly weren’t even Semites, many still don’t know. Sounds like you probably do).
      And now, the Talmudists have the ‘Holocaust’ sympathy race card to play, any time that someone points out the destruction they are doing to countries. So the majority people support everything they do by not questioning and by not speaking out.
      This is one reason I’m trying to show that the ‘Holocaust’ never was an extermination program, and there were no gas chambers; though, there definitely was a round up and imprisonment until Hitler could find out where to send them, after the war. Instead, starvation and Typhus hundreds of thousands, with which they made up their 6 million story that they use to guilt people into letting them control and subvert us.
      So “the Reich was right” in identifying the problem, because their Talmud tells them that they have the right to rule all, and the Talmud is the source of the filth they spread through TalmudVision (TV), etc., but Hitler went too far, which helps them do what they’re doing to us without much opposition.

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