Joel Skousen credits Kurt Haskell for exposing 'Rebekah Roth'!

World Affairs Brief, February 23, 2018 Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.
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Corrections: Occasionally, I find stories the ring true, but that end up being made up or not completely true. Sadly there are some nefarious people out there who delight in fooling others by inventing true-sounding falsehoods—just to get the truth discredited once it is exposed as a false story or from a non-existent source. Most of the time I catch these before publishing the brief, but occasionally I slip up. While embarrassing, I’d rather admit the error rather than have my readers led astray—thus these correction notes, one recent and one in the past.
2. Last year I ran a story about the claims of a retired flight attendant, going by the name of Rebekah Roth, who made the case (correctly) that none of the flight attendant or cell phone calls from hijacked passengers could have been made from altitude. She said they had to have been faked, as I have claimed for many years before. Sadly, it turns out that Roth is not her real name; In fact, she has numerous aliases. She was a fugitive from justice and probably has ties to the dark side of the CIA. Kurt Haskell, the former US attorney who blew the whistle on the “underwear bomber” being escorted onto the US bound plane by an intelligence operative, has become a full time 9/11 researcher. In this 4 part video (about an hour total) he documents his investigation into the questionable background and multiple identities of of KoriAnn Ashley (aka Rebekah Roth).
Haskell confirms that she was a flight attendant for 30 years, and that what she says on her 9/11 posts and book are mostly true. I agree, but it’s a common tactic of the Deep State to induce a compromised individual to play the role of a 9/11 truther, who can later be discredited as a fraud. In that manner, or other conspiracy debunkers can say that the substance of her claims must also be false—which doesn’t necessarily follow.
They used the same tactic to debunk the true claims about George W. Bush failing to show up at Air Force Reserve training and drills (which he joined to avoid the draft). The CIA produced a fake letter from his former Commanding officer, confirming the misconduct and then fed the proof to the media that the letter was a fake, thus discrediting the substance of the letter, which happened to be completely true. It’s a slick and devious tactic. I think that’s what’s behind the fake Roth persona and book. “Roth” has now been widely exposed and has gone back into hiding and out of the 9/11 truth movement.

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