(vid) Renaissance – Live in London 1977 — Carpet Of The Sun • Mother Russia • Can You Hear Me • Ocean Gypsy • Running Hard • Touching Once • Prologue

Lately, I’ve been mostly posting music videos on my personal blog, but thought I’d post this one here too.
I was greatly impressed with Renaissance while in high school, and was able to see them at the Minnesota State Fair playing in a small pavilion to only about 25 people. I couldn’t believe my eyes, standing right in front of one of the greatest bands and most people just kept walking down the path without coming inside — for free.
Jon Camp is still my favorite bass player — having such a soaring, majestic style — a one-of-a-kind! Some compare him to Chris Squire of ‘YES,’ but Jon has always moved me more.
Annie Haslam has a 5-octave voice, and still sings incredibly at age-70: (music video) Renaissance – ‘Carpet of the Sun’ with Chamber Orchestra
Renaissance’s style was elegance, standing tall like the Redwoods; though, some of the lyrics were a bit dark, and were written by another lady, who seemed to be occult influenced. This concert has a great, upbeat feel, unlike some of their studio LP albums, like “Turn of the Cards,” which I still remember buying at the record store at 66th St. and Penn Ave. in Richfield, MN, while living in nearby Bloomington.
I must have heard them on KQRS, the progressive rock FM station that I was often glued to. They never played the same song in a 24 hour period, and had real DJs playing real vinyl LP records, sometimes entire albums. What a treat!
I’ve always been impressed with their song, “Mother Russia,” but didn’t know until hearing Jon Camp’s intro here that it’s about Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the imprisoned truther, author.
Uplifting concert here!
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Renaissance – Sight & Sound (BBC 1977 PAL version)(DHV 2014)

István Császár
Published on Dec 15, 2014
00:09 – *Introduction by Alan Black
00:53 – Carpet Of The Sun
04:35 – Mother Russia
15:35 – Can You Hear Me
29:20 – Ocean Gypsy
37:02 – Running Hard
47:15 – *Band Introduction
48:12 – Touching Once
58:26 – Prologue
Renaissance – Sight & Sound (1977 PAL version – DHV 2014)
Golders Green Hippodrome, London
BBC Broadcast: 8 January 1977
Annie Haslam – lead & backing vocals
Michael Dunford – acoustic guitars, backing vocals
John Tout  – keyboards, backing vocals
Jon Camp  – bass, backing vocals
Terence Sullivan – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Thx for Renaissance & recorders & traders ! My Diamond Heart version source is original PAL DVD from DIME. This PAL version better than previously circulated NTSC version (and my DHV 2011 version). Better quality, colours and sound.
 – enhanced colours
 – Dark – Light range wide 
 – only channels balanced, no EQ

Higher quality video, same audio, but with lots of ads: here

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