Tulsi Stands Tall: Tells America the truth! USA uses terrorist groups to regime-change Syria!

I’m very impressed!

I cannot agree with Tulsi Gabbard on many of her policies, but she deserves a lot of credit for telling the truth about our reverse-Christian, regime-change wars, and how the USA tried to regime-change Syria by supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups. This would have worked, like it did in Libya, had not the Russians stepped in, thankfully!

So really, the only major factor she didn’t say was that Talmudic Israel works with the USA to guide and support these terrorist groups to regime-change all of these countries for the Greater Israel Project.

Tulsi knows she has no chance to win, because she’s exposing our military industrial complex. So she’s using the debates as a bully pulpit, which is wonderful!

Tulsi deserves our support in this quest!

Tulsi said this to Pete Buttigieg in front of America!:

From: Transcript of Westerville, Ohio, Democratic 2020 debate — Oct. 15, 2019

GABBARD: Yeah, absolutely. So, really, what you’re saying, Mayor Pete, is that you would continue to support having U.S. troops in Syria for an indefinite period of time to continue this regime change war that has caused so many refugees to flee Syria, that you would continue to have our country involved in a war that has undermined our national security, you would continue this policy of the U.S. actually providing arms in support to terrorist groups in Syria, like Al Qaida, HTS, al-Nusra and others, because they are the ones who have been the ground force in this regime change war? That’s really what you’re saying?


Tulsi Stands Tall: Mentions “Regime-Change War” 11 Times in 5 Minutes! — 11 times more than the media has since 9/11! — Oct. 15, 2019 presidential debate

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