[Flat Earth Busted] CREPUSCULAR RAYS appear to diverge from a sun not so far away. But in fact they are parallel, even converging again in the antisolar point

If the sun really was as close as the crepuscular rays seem to make it appear and the Earth really was flat, only that part of earth would be warm, and the rest of the flat earth would be frozen.

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Some flat-Earthers consider crepuscular rays as evidence that the Sun is not far. … The CREPUSCULAR are a PERSPECTIVE AFFECT. The sun rays are practically PARALLEL. They appear diverging because of perspective illusion. JUST LIKE RAILROADS that appear converging to a point, when in fact we know for sure they are parallel. …

USING THE SAME LOGIC, from some pictures of crepuscular rays, we can conclude that the Sun is actually *below ground*, *behind a tree* or *just above the surface of the water*. But we all know for sure that all these cannot be true.

Crepuscular Rays

Compare to anticrepuscular rays, which seem to converge at a point opposite the of the sun, the anti-solar point:

10 Most Incredible Images of Anticrepuscular Rays

Trailblazer explains it this way:

“Imagine placing the prongs of a fork vertically next to a straight sided object, say a brick or a box. The verticals would align. The prongs of the fork represent the sun’s rays if the sun is overhead. Now tilt the fork so it is leaning away from you, to simulate the sun setting. Those prongs now no longer align with the vertical edges of the brick, because they are angled away from you. Same principle.


This video shows how the solar rays are actually parallel, but look like they fan wider as they get closer to us.

Crepuscular rays

Mar 12, 2016


Crepuscular rays appear to diverge from a sun not so far away. But in fact they are parallel — even converging again in the antisolar point.


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