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Flat Earth Eclipse Photo

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Dissecting a Photo: 1964 Sears Department Store — Anatomy of a Sunset — ‘Flat Earth’ BUSTED!

THE BOOK: “Color and Light in Nature”

– Intro (0:00)
– Film, camera, & composition details (1:16)
– Anatomy of a Sunset (7:10)
– The science of Blue Hour (18:36)
– A closer look at the light (20:57)

‘Flat Earth Busted’: World’s First U2 Photo Shoot at the EDGE OF SPACE (above 70,000 ft.)!

In comments, flat earthers again try to claim that a fisheye lens was used to cause the curvature, but none were fish-eye lenses.

My Comment — how we know for sure it’s NOT A FISHEYE:  At 20:24, the earth’s surface is near the middle of the lens, where fisheye lenses do NOT bend lines. All of the aircraft’s lines are straight, including the lower-right corner, where a fisheye lens would have radically bent them. Also, the earth’s horizon’s curvature is the same no matter where its placed in the frame. There are many different placements of the horizon in this video.

2:50 The plane flew above above 70,000 feet.

16:00 What it was like when Blair saw the curvature of the Earth.

Eight years of discussions. Six months of training. Two days of final preparations. Much was required to give photographer Blair Bunting two hours at the edge of Earth’s atmosphere to conduct the first-ever photo shoot at near-space where he captured images that have never been made before and will likely never be made again. Join us on this incredible adventure!

Read the PetaPixel’s detailed feature:…
More photos, videos, and stories:

Directed by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake

Video should start at 20:24

Flat Earthers still make false claims about pilots but our training manuals easily prove them wrong

Flat Earth debunked again by an observation you would never see on a Flat Earth.

Another one of the 200 ways “flat earth” is disproven.

‘Flat Earth’ Busted: Crepuscular Rays

Flat Earth Busted: How Time Zones Work

This video details how times zones work in both a Flat Earth Model and a Global Earth Model. Estimates have shown that 2% of the population believe the earth is flat, so let’s take a look using science, geometry, and mathematics to see which is true.

‘Flat Earth’ BUSTED – The Sun Can’t Rise & Set (just one of about 200 refutations)

In order for an actual sunset to happen in a flat earth, the sun would have to disappear beneath the surface of the Earth, meaning that the entire planet would be dark. As we know, this is not the case; some parts of the Earth are bright while others are dark. …

Several flat-earthers have suggested that the sun works like a flashlight, only directing light over a certain part of the earth at a time, like so:

This conception of day and night does not explain how the sun sets. If this lamp-sun conception were the case, you would be able to see the sun during the night. Its light just wouldn’t be shining on you. The sun would never set, because it would never drop below the horizon.

Mike Winger: My MAIN challenge to Flat Earth Proponents

Nathan Roberts’ 240 “flat earth” verses debunked by David Nikao

Related: Get Your Copy Of The False Doctrine Of The Flat Earth by David Nikao

Below is a list of 240 verses from Nathan Roberts, who proclaims that they prove that the earth is flat.

You will see that in fact, NONE of them prove that the Earth is flat; and most of them have nothing to do with the shape of the Earth at all.

Nathan’s teachings are in black, my feedback is in red.

Flat Earther Nathan Roberts of DEBUNKED – The Flat Earth Deception

Get Your Free Copy Of The False Doctrine Of The Flat Earth by David Nikao

The False Doctrine Of The Flat Earth BookThe Bible describes a geocentric universe, with a sun that’s moving in a circuit, and an earth that is fixed.

The enemy is pushing the lie of heliocentrism, which led to the evil deception of evolution, which removes the importance of the earth and of mankind.

The enemy pushes this agenda to attack the credibility of the Genesis creation narrative, and the Creator.

This book goes through all 240 verses that people like Nathan Roberts cite, to show you the proper context; because if you’re promoting this list, then you’re accountable for the explanations.

I’m offering my book for free, because I want people to see what Scripture is really proclaiming.

Complete this request and a link to the book will be sent to you.


Debunking Nathan Roberts’ 200+ flat earth bible verses

Please excuse the author’s sarcasm, but interesting overview.

This post debunks every verse: Nathan Roberts’ 240 “flat earth” verses debunked by David Nikao

Flat Earth Busted: Day & Night

I’ve seen flat earthers claim the sun is small and close, and has a shade around the edges, which shades parts of the flat earth during nighttime. If that were the case, the shaded areas would still be light (the beam is smaller than what’s shown in this model). This doesn’t explain what we actually observe happening in real life in different parts of the world.

Only a distant sun with a spinning globe explains vertical time zones that always move in only one direction, and how the sun rises and sets.

God says the Earth is not flat

“He has inscribed a circle on the face of the waters at the boundary between light and darkness.” – Job 26:10

Flat Earth Eclipse

‘Flat Earth’ busted with one image

JP Sears Satire: Flat Earth Theory

(vid) Answers in Genesis: Is the Earth Flat? – Danny Faulkner

Danny Faulkner’s book:

Falling Flat: A Refutation of Flat Earth Claims Paperback – September 10, 2019

(vid) Mike Adams: Answering Flat Earthers with Physics


MSM misled public, fueling ‘flat earth’: SpaceSelfie ‘satellite’ that crashed not a satellite — “Our ‘balloon’ will soar into the stratosphere” –Samsung

Flat earthers, including Owen Benjamin are now claiming satellites are all stationary, hanging from balloons, to fit their flat earth theory.

ABC and others calling this a ‘satellite’ fuels this deception: Space satellite crashes in front yard of Michigan home. Many just read the headline; though, the first paragraph calls it a “pseudo satellite.” But why call it a satellite at all? By definition, this is not a satellite, but a balloon.

It’s just a balloon with their selfie device and solar panels. Details from Samsung’s site:

SpaceSelfie: Behind the Scenes

Thomas Paine: Reasoning with Flat Earthers – “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead”

I don’t understand those who refuse to let themselves look at the evidence for any issue. Why be afraid of what is true?

Why are people willfully ignorant, yet insist they’re right?

[‘Flat Earth’ Busted] ‘Spot The Station’ — Watch the International Space Station pass overhead – the third brightest object in the sky and easy to spot if you know when to look up

Watch the International Space Station pass overhead from several thousand worldwide locations. It is the third brightest object in the sky and easy to spot if you know when to look up.

(video) Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel!

Slam dunk at minute-6:30!

The helicopter disappears from observer’s sight, while looking through a telescope, but it’s still 24 feet above the ground.

Flat Earth Follies: Mount Denali from Hilltop Ski Area, Anchorage, Alaska

How skewed “flat earth” claims can be.

The mountain they say is Denali is actually a nearby mountain we locals call “Sleeping Lady.”

– –

Flat Earth Follies: Mount Denali from Hilltop Ski Area

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Another Flat Earth Meme – another pile of lies…

It’s either a lie because they purposeful get these things are wrong or they are lying about their level of expertise.  I’ll let you judge which one but this level of dishonesty/incompetence is inexcusably disgusting.

Flat Earth Claim:

Flat Earthers: Your Math is Wrong (Height of Earth’s Curvature)

Debunks a work which claims lighthouse distances are wrong.

Flat Earthers Using Faulty Formula: Eight Inches Per Mile Squared

I’m finding that many flat earthers are not detail oriented people and don’t like math.

(vid) Top 10 Dumbest Flat Earth Arguments

[Flat Earth Busted] CREPUSCULAR RAYS appear to diverge from a sun not so far away. But in fact they are parallel, even converging again in the antisolar point

If the sun really was as close as the crepuscular rays seem to make it appear and the Earth really was flat, only that part of earth would be warm, and the rest of the flat earth would be frozen.

– –


Some flat-Earthers consider crepuscular rays as evidence that the Sun is not far. … The CREPUSCULAR are a PERSPECTIVE AFFECT. The sun rays are practically PARALLEL. They appear diverging because of perspective illusion. JUST LIKE RAILROADS that appear converging to a point, when in fact we know for sure they are parallel. …

[Flat Earth Busted] Chinese satellite shows Earth photographed from behind the *far* side of the Moon!

Chinese satellite images show the *far side* of the moon, what Pink Floyd called the “dark side” with Earth in the background:

[Flat Earth Busted] Why the Atmosphere Does Not Fly off into Space

We think that air will rush to fill a vacuum, so why doesn’t the atmosphere fly off into space?

It makes a lot more sense if you think of it in terms of individual molecules of gas bouncing around. Gravity pulls them all downwards, but they end up bouncing off each more and more, creating air pressure. The pressure is a result of the air being pulled down, so there’s actually no force at all that would “pull” it into space.

Titus Frost: Letter to Owen Benjamin about the Flat Earth 🌍 — Airlines offer flights across Antarctica

Here are some links to check out:

1. Antarctica Flight tours:

2. Antarctica Cruise Tours: https://www.adventuresmithexploration…

3. Electric Universe Theory “Thunderbolts Project”:…

4. Run2 Christ Channel:…

5. Red’s Rhetoric Channel:…

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