Online Book Debunks Fetzer’s Book: “Fact Checking ‘Nobody Died At Sandy Hook’”

Online book debunks every chapter of Jim Fetzer’s book!

Fact Checking “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook”

Deanna Spingola has high regards for this author’s research. I’m listening to her 12/16/17 RBN show where she explains why “Shill Murray” and others didn’t use their real names. *Truthers, including Halbig himself have harassed and even sued* truthers who told the truth about Halbig and Sandy Hook. I was called a “shill” for the first time I can remember, after telling the truth about Halbig and Fetzer on this subject in Kurt Haskell’s post; even though, I’ve made many comments exposing Fetzer’s lie that “nobody died in Vegas.”

Apparently, Sandy Hook is different, and is sacrosanct to truthers. This author was probably attacked with the word “shill” so many hundreds of times that he decided to call himself what he was being called. Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, but he’s probably so frustrated with those who haven’t researched what really happened who insist he’s a shill.

I’m impressed by the parts of this book that I’ve read. Murray also responds to many comments. Good resource!


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