E Michael Jones & Marek Chodakiewic: Social Engineering of Germany | Poland Resisting?

Catholic deception:
4:00 Begin with a crazy prayer to Mary!
45:01 “…fall on your face in front of Our Lady.” Idolatry

18:50 The social engineering of Germany: flooded with pornography in the name of science — Kinsey.

The illustrated magazines all had to get a license from a Jewish psychiatrist in NYC.

USA: ‘The Pawnbroker’ — Jewish Holocaust porn

24:“Berlin in the 1920s was essentially San Francisco.” And after WWII, they did not turn back to God. The intellectuals were looking for something new, figuring the old brought them only destruction and misery. – Marek Chodakiewicz

30:45 The Great Reset

Resisting The Oligarchs! – Dr. E Michael Jones & Marek Chodakiewicz | THE FRONTLINE WITH JOE & JOE

Feb 12, 2021

The Front Line with Joe and Joe

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