PROOF! Fauci recommended 6,000 iu vitamin D to a Swedish PhD, but won’t tell the world — Lying by omission to sell vaccine$

From the email Dr. Campbell shows in the video below:

Fauci couldn’t have gotten fast-track emergency authorization for the experimental vaccines if he had publicly admitted that 6,000 iu of D3 taken daily stops the main danger of Covid: the dreaded cytokine storm lung inflammation issue, which hospitals put people on ventilators for, upon which 90% died in New York — instead of giving them the fast acting form of vitamin D.

Vaccine$ were never needed!

First minute of this Dr. John Campbell video!

Vitamin D and pandemic science

Sep 16, 2020

Dr. John Campbell

US, NHI Guidelines……

About 42% of the US population is vitamin D deficient

82% in black people

70% in Hispanics

Public health England…

Vitamin D dose

IU  mcg

400   10mcg

800  20mcg

1,000 25mcg

2,000 50mcg

4,000 100mcg

6,000 150 mcg



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