Dr. Berg: You Can’t Get Enough Vitamin A From Vegetables

You Don’t Get Vitamin A From Vegetables

Nov 13, 2020

There are a lot of benefits of vitamin A not just for your immune system but for your vision as well. Vitamin A is also essential for your inner skin (like the inside of your sinuses, throat, lungs, and digestive system).

Many people think they can get the vitamin A they need by consuming vegetables. However, true vitamin A is called retinol. This is the active form of vitamin A. At best, you’re only going to convert 3% of the precursor of vitamin A (b-carotene), which is in vegetables. On top of that, very few people can actually convert previtamin A to the active form of vitamin A.

Here’s a look at what you would need to consume to get about 9,000 mcg of the active form of vitamin A (retinol):

• Beef liver — 3 oz.
• Cooked carrots — 4.4 pounds
• Raw carrots — 40 pounds
• Cooked kale — 50 cups
• Raw kale — 454 cups

Good sources of vitamin A (retinol):
• Cod liver oil
• Grass-fed liver
• Raw milk cheese (preferably sheep cheese)
• Grass-fed butter

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