Jeff Landfield’s exact words in his video saying AO-60 is ridiculous, should be unanimous, only for when the mayor did something real bad

This is the video in which Jeff Landfield says this ordinance is “ridiculous,” and should require unanimous consent, 100% of Assembly members, if the mayor did something real bad.

The Alaska Landmine was live.
May 21
Someone getting kicked out of Anchorage Assembly meeting!

MY TRANSCRIPT (exact wording to the best of my ability)

0:00 “…started pulling testimony on this ridiculous Christopher Constant ordinance to give the Assembly the power to remove the mayor.”

5:00 “…this whole ordinance thing to me is ridiculous. It gives the Assembly the power to remove the mayor. It’s very political. I think Chris is running for congress; maybe get some headlines with it. In the legislature, you can impeach, but the Senate impeaches, the House has a trial. It’s a whole different type system going on here.”

6:40 “My view is this ordinance probably isn’t going anywhere. It’s kind of ridiculous. It’s probably a good campaign tactic for Constant to get some recognition or some headlines.”

7:25 Jeff speaking with Daniel Volland: I’d be for it if it was unanimous, like if it was unanimous, which means somebody did something real bad.”