The leftists and their lawyers of Alaska, after working for over a year to fight a constitutional convention, created “Defend Our Constitution” to scare Alaskans. The top three funders of Defend Our Constitution are the Sixteen Thirty Fund, the National Education Association, and IBEW-Alaska’s political action committee.

“A single, cryptically named entity that has served as a clearinghouse of undisclosed cash for the left, the Sixteen Thirty Fund, received mystery donations as large as $50 million and disseminated grants to more than 200 groups, while spending a total of $410 million in 2020 — more than the Democratic National Committee itself,” The New York Times reported in January.

Last year, the Sixteen Thirty Fund funned money to support Forrest Dunbar for mayor of Anchorage. It was one of many Democrats the group funded with contributions from a Swiss billionaire trying to sway American Elections.

A complaint filed by the Americans for Public Trust said that a $35,000 contribution to a Dunbar-boosting group called “Building a Stronger Anchorage,” was financed with foreign money.


Part of the Sixteen Thirty Fund web of influence

Even Alaska’s biggest political news organization, the Alaska Beacon, is part of an organization founded and originally funded through the same umbrella Arabella Group.

“The nonprofit watchdog OpenSecrets (published by the Center for Responsive Politics) reported in May 2020 on Arabella’s involvement in numerous “fake news sites,” pouring millions of untraceable dollars into advertisements and other digital content “masquerading as news coverage to influence the 2020 election,” wrote InfluenceWatch.

“OpenSecrets identified five Facebook pages (Colorado Chronicle, Daily CO, Nevada News Now, Silver State Sentinel, Verified Virginia) that “gave the impression of multiple free-standing local news outlets,” but are in fact “merely fictitious names used by the Sixteen Thirty Fund,” Arabella’s 501(c)(4) lobbying nonprofit. These pages published Facebook political advertisements that favored Democrats and left-wing causes during the 2020 election. After the report was published a number of these pages were deleted,” InfluenceWatch reported.

States Newsroom, which runs another network of left-wing “fake news” websites, was originally created as “Newsroom Network,” a project of the Arabella-run 501(c)(3) Hopewell Fund,” InfluenceWatch wrote.

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