Northwest Airlines to end Alaska freight operations

From: KTUU, Friday, April 24, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Northwest Airlines will cease freighter operations in Anchorage at the end of the year, the company said Friday.

Delta Airlines recently acquired Northwest and confirms the announcement will eliminate 40 of their nearly 80 cargo jobs in Alaska.

The airline cites the old age of their aircraft, as well as a slowdown in the economy as reasons for the termination of service.

A spokesperson for Delta says the airline will do its best to transfer employees to other locations.

Delta will continue passenger service into Anchorage, and cargo service will still be available on those flights.

On ‘Coast’ Sunday & Monday: Arthur Blessitt & Rayelan Allan

Sunday, April 5

Joining George Noory, education reformer John Taylor Gatto reveals the real function of the American public school system: render the population manageable, and train subservience to the state. First Hour: Arthur Blessitt, the man who carried a cross around the world.

Monday, April 6

Researcher Rayelan Allan will discuss her family background of covert government ties, a shadowy mission to destroy the New World Order, the Knights Templar, and mind control.

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On ‘Coast’ Tonight & Wednesday: Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi, Stan & Holly Deyo

From: Coast to Coast AM Schedule

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George Noory


Alex Jones, Jerome Corsi

Monday, February 16

Alternative media activist Alex Jones and author Jerome Corsi will discuss steps some states are taking to preserve sovereignty and personal freedoms which include gun ownership, gold & silver ownership, & home schooling.


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George Noory


Stan Deyo, Holly Drennan Deyo

Wednesday, February 18

Authors Stan Deyo and his wife Holly will discuss coming social upheaval, as well as earth changes, and what we can do to prepare.

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Air freight drops as global trade siezes up — UK

From: Telegraph

BAA, which runs Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports, said the number of tonnes of air cargo declined by 15.9pc in January, on top of a 15.1pc fall in December. The airport operator said cargo volumes are dropping at all UK airports as a “direct result of the global economic downturn”. It said freight volumes in the whole of 2008 were down 1.4pc compared to 2007, largely due the sustained drop at the end of the year.

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Farewell, Northwest: Delta Takeover is official

From: Star & Tribune

It’s a done deal: Delta owns Northwest

Company officials signed merger papers within hours of a Justice Department OK.

The setting sun provides a dramatic backdrop to a Northwest Airlines jet as it soars into the clouds during takeoff from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Finally, it’s official: Northwest Airlines is Delta’s.

More than eight decades after it was founded, Minnesota’s airline giant became part of Delta Air Lines on Wednesday. Hours after federal regulators cleared the merger for takeoff, the companies consummated the deal creating the world’s largest airline. …

On Wednesday, the IAM’s Robert Roach, general vice president, said federal approval of the merger came as “no surprise” after “eight years of disastrous economic decisions by the Bush administration.”

The merger connects Northwest’s network in Asia with Delta’s strength in Europe and growing presence in Africa and Latin America.

The carrier will maintain Northwest’s domestic hubs in the Twin Cities, Detroit and Memphis as well as Delta’s hubs in Atlanta, Cincinnati, New York and Salt Lake City.

The merger makes even more sense as we face an economic recession because we can capture $2 billion of benefits annually that neither airline could accomplish alone,” Anderson and Bastian said in a memo Wednesday to employees.

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Delta’s NWA Takeover Not a Done-Deal Yet

From: Star & Tribune

Northwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines late Monday announced their plan to merge, a deal meant to create the world’s largest airline and the boldest attempt yet to set a new course for U.S. aviation. …

The two airlines are submitting the deal for antitrust review now in the hope that it can be completed before a new president takes office. U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar, D-Minn., intends to fight the merger by holding hearings in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which he leads.

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From: Yahoo

If Delta and Northwest are going to create the world’s largest airline, they’ll first have unions to cajole, politicians to placate, and antitrust regulators to convince.

Two of Northwest’s largest unions immediately declared their opposition.

Most importantly, the airlines will need antitrust approval from federal regulators. In 2001, an attempted merger of United Airlines and US Airways fell apart amid antitrust concerns. Executives at Delta and Northwest said they are aiming to close their deal by the end of this year, which would be before the end of the merger-friendly Bush administration.

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Study: Flowers Losing Smell

From: Live Science

Spring’s bloom may not smell so sweet anymore, as pollutants from power plants and automobiles destroy flowers’ aromas, a new study suggests.

The finding could help explain why some pollinators, particularly bees, are declining in certain parts of the world.

Researchers at the University of Virginia created a mathematical model of how the scents of flowers travel with the wind. The scent molecules produced by the flowers readily bond with pollutants such as ozone, which destroys the aromas they produce.

So instead of wafting for long distances with the wind, the flowery scents are chemically altered. Essentially, the flowers no longer smell like flowers.

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Delta Airlines Eager to Gobble Up NWA

From: Star & Tribune, 4/10/08

Delta Air Lines pilot union leaders will meet today to consider new contract terms that would apply strictly to the Delta pilots. If the proposal is approved, it likely would allow Delta and Northwest Airlines to announce a merger as early as next week, two people familiar with the situation said Wednesday.

No similar contract offer is going to Northwest’s pilots this week.

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10 Million Tons Floating: The Plastic Sea

From: News with Views

If you should see this amazing floating pile of plastic in the Pacific Ocean, it’s called “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” It features three million tons of plastic debris floating in an area larger than Texas. An eye-popping 46,000 pieces of plastic float on every square mile of ocean! Humans toss another 2.5 million pieces into our oceans hourly.

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