Taylor Hawkins: Foo Fighters drummer likely died from vaccine-induced myocarditis, as mainstream media push the “drug overdose” narrative

March 28, 2022

The preponderance of evidence points to all of the Foo Fighters being vaxxed and boosted. Grohl and vaxx zealot Mick Jagger released a song on April 13, 2021 called “Eazy Sleazy.” It not only promotes the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections, but also mocks the non-vaccinated with tired, regurgitated tropes. Here are some of the lyrics [compares vaccine truth to ‘flat earth’]:

“Shooting the vaccine,
Bill Gates is in my bloodstream,
It’s mind control,
The Earth is flat and cold,
It’s never warming up,
The Arctic’s turned to slush,
The seconds coming late,
And there’s aliens in the deep state.”

… Only “fully-vaccinated” fans were allowed inside, per Grohl’s policy. The Foo Fighters June 20 concert at Madison Square Garden was also “fully vaccinated fans only.” They also required proof of vaccination for shows in Alaska. It’s stands to reason that if all fans are required to be injected, so are all band members.

The Foo Fighters vaccine mandates for live shows led to both some irony and humor in 2021. The band had to postpone a July Los Angeles show because one of the band member tested positive for COVID-19 despite presumably being fully-vaccinated. …

Several mainstream media outlets then reported details of a “toxicology report” for Mr. Hawkins, despite toxicology reports typically taking four to six weeks to complete. Mainstream media quickly revised the narrative and started using the phrase “preliminary toxicology report.” The smoking gun, if you will, came out late Sunday. A forensic examination found that Mr. Hawkins’ heart weighed about 600 grams, which is double the size for the average man his age.

The next narrative was that a urine toxicology test found 10 substances, including benzodiazepines, opioids, THC (weed) and anti-depressants. Note that the latter was likely a prescription, and THC stays in urine for weeks and even months. Now the most recent narrative is that Mr. Hawkins died of “cardiovascular collapse” after binging on heroin and other drugs.

Vaxx zealots are angrily attacking critical thinkers on social media for talking about the obvious. Myocarditis, aka heart inflammation, is the second-most common adverse reaction to the injections after blood clots covered on this blog. Further, we’ve covered numerous cases of vaccinated people dying suddenly and unexpectedly of heart attacks and cardiac arrest. Of course the top symptom of a heart attack is chest pain, which Mr. Hawkins complained of right before he passed.

We’ve seen many people on social media claim that myocarditis does not enlarge the heart. But the Myocarditis Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated solely to saving people from this ailment, says right on its website:

“In simple terms, myocarditis is a disease that causes inflammation of the heart muscle. This inflammation enlarges and weakens the heart, creates scar tissue and forces it to work harder to circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body.”

… That all said, mainstream media want us all to believe that a 50-year-old man with two kids and a wife of 17 years; a man who made clear he learned his lesson in 2001, and had lived a solid family life with perhaps occasional drug use here and there, just decided on a spontaneous heroin/benzo/cocaine bender right before a show, called for help, then died of an overdose.

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