Project Camelot interviews Bill Deagle: We need to be ready — “Speak out now because you’re going to be silenced shortly”

Disclaimer: Many of Dr. Deagle’s statements are clearly right on. Others (especially regarding the UFO phenomenon; though, this interview covers many topics) are way out there, which I don’t necessarily accept or reject. I think it’s wise to put these ideas in our “seed boxes” to see if they’ll grow later. There is definitely something going on based upon what I’ve learned just through prayer.

It’s interesting that Bill says the senior commander of US space command told him: “If you’re not in the loop you’re going to freak out.”

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Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

Bill Deagle on Bill Maher’s atheistic reaction to ‘Christians’ supporting reverse-Christian wars:

“It doesn’t mean you throw the baby out with the bathwater, like Bill Maher in his movie that’s coming out this week, called Religulous, where he says anybody who is religious is a fool. ‘They’re an idiot’ — because of all the foolishness that religions are doing.

Like, I call them the Armageddonites, that are supposedly Christians, who believe they have to bathe the world in blood and fire.”

Bill’s profound reality check on our heartless warmongering:

“It’s like the words of Yeshua Hamashia, Jesus,
Though you’ve done it to the least of my brethren
you’ve done it to me.

If you actually felt the pain
of allowing your government to attack
and blow up little girls in Baghdad,
you wouldn’t do it….”

– Dr. Bill Deagle

We’re going down because we haven’t changed our hearts:

“Unless your hearts are changed your world will die.”

“It’s literally a spiritual abortion that’s being done on the planet.”

“If we don’t get back in touch with Spirit instead of religion,
we’re going to all die killing each other for religion….”

“Speak out now because you’re going to be silenced shortly.”

“And you’re not just going to die a physical death.
You’re going to die a spiritual death.”

“The greatest sins are the sins of silence in the face of evil.”

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jagbodhi | October 29, 2008

Project Camelot interviews Dr Bill Deagle

Vista, California, September 2008…

—The greatest sins are the sins of silence in the face of evil.

—The action of a prophet is not to prophesy an event that cant be changed. Its to prophesy pathways and timelines that you can then decide because you are co-creators of your own future.

—Darkness is not the opposite of light, but the absence of it. And by bringing these things to light is not to bring terror to the people, but to bring comfort, to bring control, to bring a sense of empowerment to everyone who hears this.

Dr Bill Deagle




Clay and Iron Ministries

Coast To Coast AM Censored Dr. Bill Deagle at Last Minute—Feb 26th

Kucinich: WE ACCEPT the Slaughter of the Innocent BECAUSE WE’VE ALREADY Slaughtered the Innocent

No, I’m not talking about abortion (by how I worded this title). That was bad enough—sick enough!

We’ve moved to the next level, risen to the next disgrace, ascended to a far worse sickness—justifying, thinking, saying this is okay. And this is from the same people who cry “abortion is murder!”

Now we kill people who think deeply, who talk, who run and play—who, unlike the unborn, are accountable as to where they’ll spend eternity.

Even one homicide, one remote-controlled, joystick killing in the name of ‘self-defense,’ is too many—and we watch our President’s smugness as he leaves office. What a disgrace—laughing—having led US into impending doom.

What have we become—so high on our horse? Instead of reaching out to our ‘enemies,’ admitting the many ways we have been wrong, how we’ve bullied and spread filth around the world, we just kill them. We drive them away—into hating US.

And “America the Dysfunctional,” the big bully on the block, now sanctions and enables others to do likewise—leading by example.

America is sick, her heart has grown cold, having succumbed to the delusion The Moody Blues proclaimed in 1967:

Cold hearted orb
That rules the night
Removes the colours
From our sight

Red is gray and
Yellow white
But we decide
Which is right
Which is an Illusion

Our end is near, because Dennis’ words go unheard, speaking to an empty House, while America amuses herself to death.


From: Congressman Dennis Kucinich

Washington, Jan 15

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement about the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza on the House Floor:

“The attack on the United Nations headquarters in Gaza is further proof that a post-legal era in world affairs has taken shape; where law and moral principles are irrelevant, where might makes right, where retribution and vengeance, even against innocent children, fails to shake us from moral lethargy or political paralysis.

Collective punishment, disproportionate use of force, using U.S. planes, helicopters and munitions to attack a wounded, starved and thirsty civilian population of mostly children trapped in a box called Gaza has become acceptable, perhaps because we have already accepted the deaths of over one million innocent civilians in Iraq in a war based on lies.

“There is a way out. We must ask those who were given our armaments for defense to stop the aggression, end the blockade, end the occupation, and reconnect with the high sentiments that rallied their own suffering, wounded people to nationhood generations ago. When we recognize the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, when we come to grips with the reality of suffering on both sides, we may yet find a way to save ourselves.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: “We were the MOST BELOVED nation on the face of the earth | We are now…the MOST HATED nation & FEARED nation on earth”

John Hagee: “Jesus Did Not Come To Earth To Be the Messiah”

[youtube=]Hagee Heresy

“It [John Hagee’s book: In Defense of Israel] scripturally proves that the Jewish people, as a whole did not reject Jesus as Messiah.”

“It will also prove that Jesus did not come to Earth to be the Messiah.”

“Since Jesus refused by word and deed to claim to be the Messiah, how can the Jews be blamed for rejecting what was never offered?”

Actual John Hagee quotes transcribed by Jeff Fenske


John Hagee calls for a preemptive strike on Iran

Pastor Baldwin: Ron Paul’s Israel Problem [Evangelicals Led Astray?]

If evangelical Christians are hesitant to support Ron Paul’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for President, two reasons are usually proffered: he does not support Israel, and he wants to bring the troops home from Iraq.

Unfortunately, many (if not most) of today’s evangelical Christians have bought into the whole neocon warmongering mentality. Somewhere along the way, evangelicals have forgotten the historic Christian understanding of “just war,” not to mention our Savior’s promise of divine blessing upon peacemakers [“For they shall be called children of God” – ed.]. They have allowed President George W. Bush and his fellow warmongers to hijack the legitimate use of defensive war and turn it into a commitment to aggressive and preemptive war.

If the United States continues on its current path of aggressive, preemptive war, incessant nation-building, empire-building, and globalism, our country will collapse. …

However, it is evangelical Christians’ misunderstanding of Ron Paul’s position on Israel that seems to be the most problematic. …

In this regard, it is incredible to me how evangelical pastors and leaders can continue to associate with–and support–radical Israel apologists such as John Hagee. His ranting about Jewish people having a special covenant with God and needing not to come to the Father through Christ–and even that Jesus never claimed to be Christ–is nothing short of blatant apostasy. …

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John Hagee: “Jesus Did Not Come To Earth To Be the Messiah”

John Hagee calls for a preemptive strike on Iran

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