John B. Wells on Coast to Coast AM 1/12/13: Where are the men? Why are so few men questioning…??

John wonders why so few men are questioning what is going on at
minute 8 and 2hr 11min

He also talks about Russia/China threat at 2hr 8min

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[youtube=]Jan 11 2013 – Unscreened Open Lines

Published on Jan 12, 2013

Date: 01-11-13
Host: John B. Wells
Guests: Open Lines

Mental toll of war hitting female servicemembers


Natara Garavoy, another psychologist here, says there can be added stress for those who are the only woman in a unit. “They don’t want to stand out,” she says, adding that some try to appear unattractive to ward off male soldiers who might not see another American woman for months.

Whatever their trauma, military women often hesitate to report problems. That’s partly because of the military’s ingrained emphasis on unit cohesion and the unspoken taboo against telling on a fellow soldier. It also stems from the fear of reinforcing stereotypes that theirs is the weaker sex.

“Women do have to prove themselves more,” says VA spokeswoman Kerri Childress, a Vietnam-era Navy veteran. “They have to work really, really hard to look tough.”

All that pressure must go somewhere, Resick says. Men with PTSD often are angry and act out aggressively. Women often turn inward and become depressed, she says. Both men and women “try not to deal with it” and often take years to seek counseling, Resick says.

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Burkas Cause Major Vitamin D Deficiency & Hence Breast Cancer?


burkas are making women sick throughout the [A]rab world. 99 percent of women in a recent study showed a deficiency of vitamin D.

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Laura Bush:

“What I found out when I was there was that they were very glad to talk about it, because it is true that breast cancer presents about 10 years younger in Arab women than it does here in the United States.” …

“I met woman who was covered, totally covered — just her eyes were exposed….”

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