MAHER: …Now, one last question. I found out this week – I didn’t realize this – that the torture – and, of course, they say it’s not torture that we do, but it is, of course, torture – that our people are doing, is based on Soviet models. And, I know you grew up under the former regime that probably looked to America as a beacon of hope and freedom. When you see America wiretapping and torturing and basically doing the things the Soviets used to do, what goes through your mind?

KASPAROV: Look, I don’t think it’s about sad events that you just described, because I think that America had sad stories in the past as well. But, in seventies and eighties, America looked as a hope for oppressed people in the communist world. Well, now, America, that is applying double standards to different countries in the world, lost its credibility. And that’s bad news for all of us, because it was a stronghold for democracy. And now, it’s just a country which, according to many, is using democracy as a [geopolitical] tool to promote its own interests. Which is working against us in Russia and elsewhere. [applause]

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