This started as a response to a close friend who was thinking this way about why Pat has endorsed Rudy:

To me, it seems obvious why Robertson endorsed Giuliani. He’s supporting Giuliani against Romney.

He’d rather have a liberal than a Mormon.

A partial explanation.

If Robertson is so anti-Mormon, then why did he allow Romney to give the commencement address at Regent?

The former Massachusetts governor is to give the commencement address Saturday at Robertson’s Regent University in Virginia, a golden opportunity to reach core GOP voters.

Pat stated why he is supporting Giuliani, because basically he wants the most pro-war President possible.

“The overriding issue before the American people, is the defense of our population against the bloodlust of Islamic terrorists,” Robertson told the National Press Club audience. “Our world faces deadly peril…and we need a leader with a bold vision who is not afraid to tackle the challenges ahead.”

Pat recently, again stated how right he was by calling for Chavez’ assassination.

Robertson is amillennialist, right, thinking the millennium is now? And apparently he’s counting on military might to get ‘er done; though, in reality he’s actually supporting Satan’s globalist, one-world-government agenda, for these wars seem to me to be designed to take out the opposition to the one-world government.

Why doesn’t Robertson ever support the candidate with the most Christian values at the beginning of the race, when they need name recognition and support? Why didn’t he support Keyes in ‘90, but loudly supported Bush? Why has he totally dissed Paul? Ron Paul would have a huge chance of winning had the religious right leaders supported him from early on. He still could win if people would become aware of what he could do for America, but most people still don’t even know who he is. No prominent religious leader will give him even one interview, let alone help America understand why Paul’s policies are so Godly, powerful, and loving.

Robertson unconstitutionally wants government to control people, to push his agenda. Paul wants government off of people’s backs, so the states can decide matters that aren’t in the Constitution. Ron Paul is hope for America. Giulliani will continue its destruction. And only Paul can beat Hillary. Unless Hillary’s evil acts get more coverage.

In the ‘70s, I actually enjoyed very, very much watching The 700 Club. It actually had a lot of good, sound Christian teaching on it. But when Pat turned it into a political platform along with religious soundbites, it no longer appealed to me, but felt weird and yukky. And more than one female co-host has had serious problems largely from their experiences with Pat. It is said that Danuta Soderman no longer claims to be a Christian.

Danuta Soderman, Pat Robertson’s former colleague and former “700 Club” co-host, told Freedom Writer that Robertson’s strange views hinder the advancement of the Christian Coalition. She said Robertson’s unusual and extreme beliefs sunk his 1988 presidential campaign and now impairs the Christian Coalition.

A five-year co-host with Robertson on the “700 Club,” Soderman worked with him during his unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination for president. …

Soderman, who no longer considers herself a Christian, said that the people who work for Pat Robertson “need to ask questions and to learn to think for themselves.”

And Sheila Walsh had a “nervous breakdown” while working with Pat. I’ve always liked Sheila:

Ideological differences with Robertson and general feelings of hopelessness and depression[1] After leaving Robertson’s enterprises in 1992 she sought therapy for her depression, eventually returning to college at Fuller Theological Seminary in California to take on doctoral studies in theology. Pat Robertson explained her departure from CBN as the result of a “Nervous Breakdown” brought on by the tremendous demands of her work with CBN. He asked his viewers to keep her in their prayers and ask God to give her the strength to continue doing his work. brought Walsh to re-examine her life’s direction.

She went on to write a book exploring her struggle with depression and her experiences with her faith as a Christian, entitled Honestly.

Is it possible that Pat has become a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Has the love of money and maybe even power overtaken Pat? This is serious, and he’s leading millions astray, politically and spiritually.

America should change the channel.