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Assassination: Ron Paul Considered Not Running

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from Radio Liberty, 07-06-06

“A few years ago, I belonged to a small group that was looking for Presidential candidates. The man who led the group was Howard Phillips, and he had contacted the people who worked very closely with Ron Paul from the Libertarian group. And they said, ‘we’re not going to let Ron Paul run for the Presidency.’ And of course, Howard Phillips said, ‘why not?’ And they said, simply ‘because if it looked like he was going to win they would kill him.’

And they weren’t joking at all. In America, today, if you are effective in exposing what I believe is a Luciferian force working behind the scenes in both political parties, they will kill you. Or they will discredit you. Or they will do something to destroy you.”

Dr. Stanley Monteith, author: “Brotherhood of Darkness”

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