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[video] Alaska: Surfing the Bore Tide in Turnagain Arm





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  1. Captain Caveman


    I’m a surfer here in Anchorage. Saw your vid of surfing the Turnagain Bore tide on YouTube… I’m keen to try riding the bore, and was wondering if you could give me some basic info, or hook me up with someone who’s surfed it before.

    I’ve surfed for years, but am a rank beginner when it comes to the Turnagain bore. Where do you go to catch it? How do you predict when and where the bore will come? how do you get out to it? And how do you get back to your car?

    I’d appreciate your help. Cheers dude.

  2. tobefree


    I’m not a surfer, myself; have just paraglided a bit. Maybe Sunshine Sports could point you in the right direction.

    The Weather Channel just had a short blip about riding the bore at Turnagain. They say that Turnagain Arm is the only place on earth that gets a regular (apparently daily) bore tide. One guy said it could be ridden for 3 miles. A lady said it’s not as smooth as riding an ocean braking wave, in that it kind of moves you forward and backward during the journey.

    And I think they said it traveled about 15 mph, but I’m not sure.


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