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Burka-Wearing Prompts The Return Of In Rickets In Birmingham

A new health awareness campaign has been launched among Muslim women by health officials in the Midlands after a rise in the number of cases of rickets. It is thought that pregnant women who regularly wear a burka are depriving themselves of exposure to sunlight, which results in Vitamin D deficiency.

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  1. mo79uk

    I’m a Muslim and think the burka is unnecessary. It is an exaggerated reading about covering modesty.
    It’s worse to wear it in England with it’s little sun, and with the stereotypical Muslim being dark skinned, that’s 2 extra layers to vitamin D deficiency on top of the others that affect us all.

    That said, peoples views can’t change so supplementation and indoor UVB lamp advice needs more pushing. It’s a health time bomb.

  2. Ken

    Nope ,unleavened bread is to blame not the burka.

    About Vitamin D.
    What caused the rickets epidemic?.

    A pseudo-epidemic?.

    Mad dogs and ….

    Vitamin D and homeostasis

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