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Cold, Cold, Cold! Romney Vs. Ron Paul on Medical Marijuana


Clayton Holton, wheelchair bound with MS and other health issues, asks Republican candidates for President Mitt Romney & Ron Paul if they would arrest him for using medical marijuana:

Mitt Romney’s Response:


Ron Paul’s Response:



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  1. With respect for Mr. Paul, I agree with Mr. Romney on this issue. What is the nation coming to when the ‘legal’ use of marijuana is even a question? Suicidal people relieve their tension by cutting their wrists. Should we have doctors approve and use that method in dealing with suicidal people? Either way both mutilate, pollute, and defile the human body.

  2. tobefree

    Mr. Politics, I don’t understand your parallel with Euthanasia. Ron Paul is very much concerned about and opposed to its legalization. See:

    Please consider this very sick man’s plight. He would like to use a drug that is naturally made by the Creator which would help him cope with his disease better than the man-made, inferior, synthetic variety that Romney supports——which lines Big Pharma’s giant pockets——because the mark-up on the unconstitutionally, Federally protected, Big Pharma monopoly drugs is astronomical!

    Ron Paul is saying that according to the Constitution, the decision to regulate drugs should be up to the states.

    Many allege that the C.I.A. is the largest drug runner, and that ‘the war on drugs’ is actually the war against their competitors——and that they bring in just enough drugs to keep prices sky high. Many drug users then break other laws, like robbing law abiding citizens, which money then allegedly, largely ends up paying for C.I.A. black ops projects——the operations that Congress knows nothing about.

    So it’s not just the fact that many are incarcerated who otherwise wouldn’t be, but there is other stuff going on here, and other reasons why.

    Why aren’t the majority of Americans yet aware of this? Look at who actually owns and/or controls the most significant media corporations. And look at who owns Big Pharma. Follow the money, and follow the power to its source.

    And to further see the big picture as to why Ron Paul makes sense: why did PNAC, The Project for a New American Century , target Afghanistan before 9/11, writing that they needed “a new Pearl Harbor” (which became 9/11) to pull it off——Dick Cheney being a member? The countries they targeted to be changed (including Iraq and Iran) were those who wouldn’t play ball with their globalist, one-world-government plans. And the Taliban has largely shut down opium (heroin) production in Afghanistan.

    Consider that both Bush Presidents are Skull and Bones members. And look at the history of the Skull and Bones and drugs.

    Now, because of the Bush II invasion of Afghanistan, opium exports are at an all-time high! Under U.S. occupation!

    It’s not hard to find out what’s going on if you’re really interested in finding out. This article by Joel Skousen may be a good place to start: . And/or do a search on .

    God bless!

    Jeff Fenske——ToBeFree!

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