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Pastor Baldwin: Moneychangers Destroying America—And Christians Don’t See It

From: News with Views

… The moneychangers of Jesus’ day were the equivalent of the international bankers of our day. With the consent and approbation of the Jewish leaders, these bankers set up shop in the Temple. Their purpose was to exchange whatever currency the Jewish worshipper brought with him or her into Jewish currency, which would then be used to purchase whatever sacrifice the worshipper required. Of course, the exchange rates benefited only the bankers and Jewish leaders (and Caesar, who collected a tax on the exchange, of course). For everyone else, the system was nothing more than legalized extortion.

When Jesus saw what the bankers were doing, He was incensed. And throughout the Gospel narratives, this is the only occasion where Jesus is recorded as resorting to violence. He made a scourge (or whip) and drove the bankers out of the Temple by force and destroyed their tables, along with their records, receipts, etc.

It is too bad that today’s pastors and Christians do not share Jesus’ disdain for the current generation of moneychangers, because it is the moneychangers who are in the process of destroying these United States of America–and our pastors and Christians either do not see it, or, if they do see it, do not seem to care.

It is modern moneychangers who bully and bribe our spineless and greedy politicians (from both parties) into passing so-called “free trade” deals such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and the FTAA, which have all but destroyed America’s manufacturing base and have put millions of American workers out of their jobs. It is the moneychangers who are the driving force behind the burgeoning North American Union, which sacrifices America’s national sovereignty and independence.

Over the weekend, Dr. Jerry Corsi reported that a new North American Army has been created, without the approval of Congress or any mention by the American media.


Are readers getting this? George W. Bush, on his own signature, with no approval from Congress and no input from the American people, has seized unlimited power for the Presidency; he has dismantled the constitutional protections of the American people; he has ignored the courts; he has begun creating the merger of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, including the merger of the U.S. and Canadian militaries; and he has refused to enforce U.S. immigration laws, thus facilitating a borderless North America. And all of this has been done at the behest of David Rockefeller and his cabal of moneychangers at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

When Jesus saw the moneychangers in the Temple, He drove them off with violence. Yet, today’s pastors and Christians cannot even seem to see what these same moneychangers are doing to America. They support candidates simply because they have an “R” behind their names, vainly imagining that these candidates are somehow better than the ones with a “D” behind their names. The truth is, however, John McCain and Mike Huckabee are as beholden to the moneychangers as are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Why can’t Christians see this? Why are they so blind?

The one man who made it through the Republican Presidential primaries who was not only not beholden to the moneychangers, but who was vehemently opposed to them, was Congressman Ron Paul. But most pastors and leaders of the Religious Right, not seeing or understanding the evil being done by the moneychangers, not only did not support Ron Paul, but they actively supported (and continue to support) the moneychangers’ puppet candidates.

I’m sure if Jesus had taken time to sit down and dialogue with those First Century moneychangers, they could have come up with very nice, flowery speeches as to how they were doing the Jewish people a service; how they were patriotic Romans and/or pious Hebrews. But Jesus did not need to dialogue with them: He knew what they were. And He knew what He needed to do; and He did it.

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  1. Very nice commentary… I think a lot of the misguided support by the Christian right was just that, misguided. Bush has scared them into thinking that the bogeyman will end our way of life if we do not give him total control of our economy, civil liberties and the armed forces. This wasn’t something Bush just invented, he has been furthering this policy of de facto fascism that presidents the last 100 years over have been advocating. They are all beholden to the UN and the CFR. Until we oust them and the multinational corporations we will have no real voice to change the direction of this country.


  2. pet elli

    Jesus had chased out the money changers from the temple, not from the country/territory.
    Jesus realised these changers were exploiting people, but he also new the tax collectors were no different, nor were the jews who were ready to stone a woman who had comitted a forbidden sexual act.
    For the last 20 years, there had been libaries amount of negative fearmonging published about the illuminati, the rottshields and how they control this world and all living ccreatures in it, and how evil they are.
    By the same token, all these writings offer no solutions, except promote fear, hatred frustrations.
    I had observed, that the very same people who are condemned in these slanderous writings, these very same people, these super rich trillionaires, also give us free internet, free banking card access around the globe, free newspapers….
    There has been never as much cars, foods, people flying, travelling on Earth in previous history, as it is so today.
    Thus I declare, all the illuminati, and all these trillionaires, however they got their money, from kings, from generals, from coin collections or from winning lottos, these people are using their talents their abilities, their century old wealth for the benefit of mankind….
    I trully think it is fantastic;;;
    Now, we need to pray more, need to be in harmony with God’s will more, sped less time in churches sitting around and listening to lazy people turned preachers, and learn from the Rottchields and Rockefellars to develop this world and make it better, fo us, and for our children as this planet and all that is on it, belongs to God/Melchizedek, and is run by those deligent people that the Lord God Melchizedek appoints…
    End of comment…

  3. Anonymous

    I like your post.can you not email pastors across America and inform them what is actually happening,i cannot believe leaders of the church are so blind.

    • We all need to do our part. I find that most of them are willfully ignorant. They don’t want to know the truth, and are actually enabling those who are destroying American and the world.

      Many will even pray against (James-3 curse) those who tell the truth.

      Most pastors aren’t real, going-to-heaven Christians, themselves. Most are leading the people astray, being led by FOX News instead of the HOLY Spirit.

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