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Alaska is Ron Paul Country

The news was buzzing earlier in the week with stories of our successes in last weekend’s Missouri caucuses. You can still find reports on that coverage on our Daily Dose campaign blog.

There is also much good news to report from Alaska, where the hard work, dedication, and great attitude of Ron Paul supporters resulted in several planks being added to the official Alaskan Republican Party platform. Several resolutions, which will stand for the next two years, were also agreed upon.

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Chris McGraw: Ron Republicans Report!

This is what Chris wrote on Saturday night after returning from the Convention:

The Alaskan Republican Party State Convention took place in Anchorage from March 13th to 15th. I just got back home. This is my informal report.

There were somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 to 360 total delegates to the State Convention, as I recall (I don’t remember the exact number and I could be significantly wrong on that).

As you may have heard, the Alaskan Ron Paulites were very organized and aggressive during our February 5th and 9th district conventions. We organized state-wide to crash the Republican convention, passed amazing platform changes and resolutions, and got a lot of us elected as delegates to the State Convention. After those successful district conventions, we kept working hard to organize and prepare for the State Convention. All told, we were able to secure 105 delegates to State, or roughly 30% of the total by my estimation. While we were not a majority, this made us a force to be reckoned with.

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