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Byron J. Richards: Cell Phone Cover-Up—Is Your Brain at Risk?

From: News with Views

The cell phone industry will have to have people lining up for brain cancer treatment before they even admit there is a potential problem. By that time they hope to have stalled long enough to have safer phones. And then they will use lawyers to create doubt that any such tumors were caused by cell phones in the first place – blaming multiple other stressors in modern society as the likely problem. This strategy will minimize liability, spread it out over many years, and most likely make it disappear. The only thing that prevents the cell phone industry from escaping unscathed is if enough consumers demand safer phones now.

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  1. i dnt see how it can affect ur brain i thought it was only radiation through ur chest x

  2. Linda

    I have a sharp pain in the ear (right or left depending on the side I hold the mobile phone) every time I use it for more than 2-5 minutes, now I have to use my hands-free set, and it helps. I am currently using Sony Ericsson, new model and if it was not for my 18-months contract, I would throw it to the rubbish or better recycle it. My GP did not see any infection in the ear channel, but I am pretty sure it affects actually the inner ear…

  3. Jeff Fenske


    Thanks for sharing that. This is actually horendous, this cover-up on how EMF from many devices affect certain people’s health, apparently even the DNA!

    Even laptop computers (probably partly due to the trackpads that have replaced trackballs) can cause pain in certain people’s hands when used for long periods of time. But then once the person starts to feel the pain, then it may only take a few minutes exposure to feel it again, because damage has been done to the body tissue. I use an external mouse (with a wire—not wireless) and a separate keyboard for this reason.

    It seems that some people are affected more than others. Some are really strong electrically and perhaps will never have problems at all, while some may have low electrical strength (the body is electric), or vary in their electrical strength depending on posture, or whether they’re deficient or not in certain nutrients, etc..

    To me, a brain and an ear is nothing to mess around with. I’ve only used a cell phone a few times in my life, but if I had to use one, I’d use this type of hands-free unit that has a hollow tube that transmits the sound to the ears: Many of the other hands-free units can transmit the EMF right up the electrical cord.

    And then it’s good to even keep the phone away from the body also, even when it’s on stand-by, because it still periodically transmits a signal.

    I have heard (but haven’t seen the data firsthand) that some manufacturers now say in their product literature to hold cell-phones 5 (or something like that) inches away from the ear. But who is going to do that? I would guess they’ll hide behind this in court if sued.

    This shows that they know these units are causing damage, and are keeping the truth from the public in order to sell the phones and not to be liable.

    Lots of lying going on in this world today.

    Jeff Fenske

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