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Lindsey Williams: The Energy *Non*-Crisis—Alaska’s ‘Classified’ Oil Reserve Largest on Earth?


Alaska’s Gull Island Oil Fields Could Power U.S. for 200 Years

“Crude oil is the real ‘currency’ of the world,” said Lindsey Williams at a gathering of the Midwest Concerned Citizens group in Kansas City on July 22. But Americans will never hear about huge oil and gas reserves in the United States, which, if ever tapped, would bring today’s fuel prices at least as low as $1.50 per gallon and make America more energy independent.

As a Baptist missionary in the 1970s, Williams said he rubbed elbows with members of the world’s power elite—who boasted of detailed 30-year and 50-year plans to control the flow of oil and information.

A huge quantity of crude oil and natural gas exists under Gull Island, located in the waters of Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, says Williams. He cited key British Petroleum memoranda and related the statements of upper echelon oil officials who told him that Gull Island would be kept under wraps, limiting domestic supplies so Americans would someday see prices hit up to $10 a gallon at the pump.

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  1. Melissa

    Why can’t I find the Energy Non-Crisis book in print anywhere???

  2. Jeff Fenske

    Dear Melissa,

    Apparently the powers that be now consider Lindsey’s information too big of a threat to their agenda. says The Energy Non-Crisis is “No Longer Available Due to Threat to the Author.”

    And Lindsey writes this at


    Dear friends,

    After 30 years of telling my story and speaking out on various issues that affect America and the World, the time has come for it to end. Due to my age, *concern for my family* and being called back to the mission field, I feel I must discontinue my incredibly difficult schedule and remove the expenses associated with the books, speaking engagements and DVD’s.

    I appreciate everyone’s support, prayers and kindness shown to me over the past 30 years and sincerely pray that God blesses and keeps you during the years ahead.

    God Bless,

    Lindsey Williams”

    This is sad, but Lindsey has stepped up to the plate for many years, telling this story that only now has become a hot topic.

    Thank you Lindsey for doing what you could!

    Jeff Fenske

  3. Jeff Fenske

    I just now wrote a post in which Jack McLamb describes Lindsey’s predicament: Lindsey Williams’ Life Threatened by Tycoon for Speaking Out About the Non-Energy Crisis


  4. mark

    I just listened to this interesting lecture given by Lindsey Williams. Does anyone know if this is the same Lindsey Williams who teaches at Baker University in Overland Park, Ks.?

  5. Jack Tripp

    Mr. Williams, I would like to thank you as An American for your very informative and factual views on the so called energy crises. I am 62 years old and did not believe there was a crisis in the early 1970’s and now either. Your facts are of honor and appreciated. I think the so called energy crisis is combined with the foreign trade agreements as well as the evironmental problems all exagerated, and all this to our U. S. Governments march, or actually the ones in control to their new one world order, and abolishing our Constituation, Rights, Liberties, and all justice that we have had since the begining of our U S A. Yes itis by design and our country is being given away by our goverment, and not taken, and that is simply an act of treason by the ones in the real power. Most people know something is wrong, but do not understand exactly what. I contact my legeslatures frequently to voice my opinions and it is as though their hands are tied and they do not wish to, or have the initiative to tell it like it is, but you did and as an American, I thank you. May God Bless you and yours, and The United States of America. Sincerely, Jack P S I did send my thoughts about all this today by e mail to The Office of The Presidency The White House, and if we continue to inform more people and they do the same, with prayers and hope, we can defeat the beast from within our nation, as we have no other choice but to do so.


  7. wah fkir

    Thanks Mr Williams.
    The arguments relayed by the so-called conspiracy-theorists complete your own and confirm one thing for sure:the people behind
    the NWO are kidding us because they’re not
    after oil in M-E,Africa.
    That’s SMOKE SCREEN!.
    1-population control(thru war and all related poisoning-of-mankind)
    2-Setting the NWO where not possible by “democratic” means;stealing power from locals
    3-“order out of chaos”
    4-enslaving mankind under the zionist-illuminati tyranny.
    Thanks again.

  8. The NON ENERGY Crisis

    The USA has more crude oil and natural gas than the Middle East.

    View this web site for the Rest Of The Story

  9. Use renewable energy to extract oil shale deposits
    The trillion barrel oil shale and oil sand deposits in North America offer the potential to make the less energy dependent on unreliable foreign sources. However, if these unconventional deposits were produced using existing combustion processes, substantial CO2 emissions would be injected into air.
    To avoid this green house gas problem and yet produce liquid fuels, a wind powered electro thermal energy storage system is described. It stores the unpredictable intermittent wind electrical energy as thermal energy over long periods in thick fossil hydrocarbon deposits. Because thermal diffusion time is very slow in such deposits, thermal energy is effectively trapped in a defined section of the hydrocarbon deposit. This allows time for the thermal energy to convert hydrocarbons into gaseous and liquid fuels. The process is highly energy-efficient and makes available considerably more energy than was expended during the heating. In addition, the method can increase the reliability of the grid and provide a load-leveling function. The wind-powered electro thermal conversion method produces substantially less CO2 than traditional shale oil extraction processes or renewable energy processes that employ a combustion step to produce the fuel.
    In order to reduce the use of fossil fuel, renewable energy such as Solar and Wind should be utilized to extract the oil from shale. Additionally renewable energy should be used to power up the pumps that bring water from areas of the country where water is plentiful. Also utilize renewable energy to deliver the end product OIL to its ultimate destination for processing.
    In short wherever and whenever possible utilize renewable energy to produce and ship oil and its derivatives to its various destinations.
    The use of renewable energy technologies will enhance and expedite the technological advancement of renewable energy and maximize the efficiency.
    We should also utilize renewable energy to produce hydrogen from water.
    Cost of ENERGY has been going up since 2000, and it will keep going up as long as world population increases and various industrial and developing nations demand for energy increases.
    There is no way around – we must develop renewable energy and increase the current renewable energy technology’s efficiency and reduce cost to the end-user.
    Has anyone considered using the oil shale deposits in Colorado? The U.S. has the largest reserves of oil shale in the world by far. In a RAND Corporation report in 2005, it stated that oil shale production would be economically viable when oil reached $75 dollar per barrel.

  10. Richard Neva

    Oh you can still get the book, a few capitalists at Amazon are offering the book The Energy Non Crisis for over 1, 200.00 worthless american dollars!

  11. M West

    Great article from Anchorage-based Petroleum News – “Gull Island buzz: 200 years of oil from Alaska’s North Slope?” It includes a map and deals with all the legends and allegations about the oil potential of Gull Island, which is offshore the North Slope in Prudhoe Bay.
    Here’s the link to the article in html (text):
    Here’s the pdf version that shows article and a map
    I called them and PN executive editor Kay Cashman is looking for more information on Gull Island The newspaper is going to continue follow the subject.

  12. July 24 2008

    Today’s vote in Congress showed how the DEMOCRATS are refusing to allow OUR OWN OIL to be used , and FORCING the USA to purchase OIL and NATURAL GAS from off shore.

    Pelosi, Reed and the other LEFT WING LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, are HOLDING the Citizens of the United States Hostage to their insipid elitist actions. The DEMOCRATS state that it will take 10 years for any wells drilled today to produce oil, YET the Russians can drill a well in three months and have the oil in the pipe line. If WELLS were drilled today in 6 months to a year we could be producing over 6000 barrels a day from each well drilled. The DEMOCRATS LIE through their teeth! WHY? Because they are PAID by environments that are out of touch with reality, and want all Americans to ride bicycles and live in huts, with no electricity, water, or waste treatment plants. These “ENVIRONMENTALIST” would rather protect a foreign rat that came over on a tramp steamer from China, than the well being of Americans.

    This winter there are going to be many elderly people on social security that will have to choose between heating oil and food, some may even die because they can not heat their homes. All because the LIBERAL LEFT WING DEMOCRATS refuse to allow drilling.

    Our economy is in shambles, food is costly because of high OIL PRICES. The Democrats blame the President, YET THEY ARE THE ONES THAT REFUSE TO ALLOW DRILLING.

    BOOT THEM ALL OUT IN NOVEMBER and put responsible people in Congress.

    For more information view the expanded web site

    You will be amazed!


    As we ALL know CONGRESS has gone and there was NO VOTE to DRILL FOR OIL in the USA. It is now time to TELL CONGRESS that in NOVEMBER WE WILL REMEMBER their quest for vacation and not the needs of the country.

    The document below has been sent to the LEADERS in Congress and NONE of them have answered. It appears that Congress has no interest in the true needs of this country, so in November BOOT THEM OUT!

    Congress especially Reed and Pelosi YOU really need to read this. All America has, but you just seam to be out of the loop and ARE NOT in the same zone as the REST OF AMERICA. Pelosi in her recent frivolous statement “I want to save the planet“ has no conception of what is happening in the real world. If she wanted to save the planet she would LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE! November is coming and the People will have their say. The audacity of the Democratic Congress to leave for vacation WITHOUT allowing a VOTE on opening up DRILLING IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is just another visible action by the Democrats to deny prosperity to the people of the United States Of America, and shows that the People’s voice does NOT mean anything to them. What these Democrats listen to is BIG MONEY and who will stuff their pockets. They are no longer the party of the middle class and the working man. If John Kennedy were alive today he would be a Republican.

    Pelosi ONLY listens to her left winged environmentalist friends that want all of us to ride bikes and have outhouses. Pelosi needs to wake up and realize that America is very angry over her actions.


    Truth About Crude Oil

    First Crude Oil is NOT from Dino the Dinosaur or his brothers. Logically speaking if the earth was covered with a dense primeval forest and there was a Dinosaur living in every five square mile area on the face of the earth, and all this was compressed into a sub surface space for tens of thousands of years, and produced a pool of Crude Oil, it WOULD ONLY FEED the needs of this world for the PAST twenty years, so WHAT FUELED the Industrial Age for the first EIGHTY YEARS???????????????????????????

    Think about what is stated above! Science states that oil is the by product of the earths ENGINE as it rotates creating GRAVITY and super heating rock formations, that through this process release oil and this oil flows into cavities within the earth. Now with this said, what is the reason for the excessive spike in Crude and Natural Gas prices? GREED. In the 60�s gas sold for 35 cents a gallon, cars got 5 to 7 MPG so a 100 mile trip would take some 16 gallons at a cost of 5 dollars. Today cars get 30 miles to a gallon and that same trip would only take 3 gallons of gas at a cost of 12 dollars. Take into account the LOSS OF VALUE of the FRN (FRN= Federal Reserve Note) and you will see that BIG OIL is KEEPING ITS bottom line HIGH as the efficiency of the engines increase. There was a contrived oil crisis in the 70‘s and there is one today.


    It takes less than 20 dollars to get oil out of the ground, refined into its product and delivered. It takes from 6 months to a year for a well from the day the drill head starts the hole until it produces oil. The Russians can do it in three mounts. Today’s wells exceed 6000 barrels a day, and one off shore platform can have over 20 SLANT WELL HEADS producing oil 24 hours a day.

    The United States of America is sitting on the worlds largest coal reserves; it also has more crude oil than the Middle East. Recent finds in Montana exceed what is found in Saudi Arabia, and Pennsylvania has over 3 trillion cubic feet of Natural Gas yet to be pumped into the system. Alaska has extensive reserves yet CONGRESS has for years REFUSED to allow the release of this oil, because of RED TAPE and that they are under the control of ENVIRONMENTALIST groups.

    These groups want all Americans to ride bikes and live as the settlers did in the 1800. Congress continues to LIE regarding the time it takes to drill a well and get the oil into the system. They state that it would be ten years before wells drilled today could produce oil. This is a BOLD FACE LIE.

    Congress has prohibited drilling for the past two decades, if what they say is true and if they allowed drilling decades ago we would NOT HAVE FOUR DOLLAR A GALLON GAS PRICES, and HOME HEATING OIL WOULD NOT BE OVER FOUR DOLLARS A GALLON, THAT WILL CAUSE A HEATING CRISIS THIS WINTER, and SOME AMERICAN MAY FREEZE TO DEATH FOR LACK OF HEAT. CONGRESS IS TO BLAME IF THIS OCCURS.

    Today‘s advances in drilling insure a protected environment. The WILD CAT wells of the early 1900 are a thing of the past.

    Environmentalist claim that the exhaust of power plants create TONS of CO2, HOWEVER, CO2 is a GAS and is measured in cubic feet NOT TONS. The advance scrubbing of the exhausts prevent most hydrocarbons from being suspended in the atmosphere. Most ALL the reasons given by environmentalist are not science, but an agenda to deprive Americans of their standard of living.

    For MORE INFORMATION of the Truth About Big Oil visit

    You Will Be Amazed, and make sure you click on the link GLOBAL WARMING and read what the ENVIRONMENTALIST do not want you to know about NON GLOBAL WARMING BY MAN.

    Gerard Paul Rynne Panza
    All rights reserved
    Copyright © 2008 Gerard Paul Rynne Panza

  14. Gaylord Herman

    Have you all seen this State Of Alaska document?? Ck out line 17 & 18 under ‘Findings’

    The dates don’t match up w/ LW’s reported witness of Gull Island ‘Coming-In’, but hey … and I hate to sound ahem, ‘Conspiratorial’ here, but dates may have been altered/shifted/etc in the past, right.

    I found this document about a month ago after a 30+yr Law Enforcment, and Christian friend from Chi sent me LW’s link asking, “Is this real”?

    I could swear entry #18 then read: ” Capped & CLASSIFIED” at the time… today it reads, “Capped” and “Confidential”

    Anybody else notice a change in the document?? Any body save the actual page a month or so back?

  15. les losego

    Hi Gaylord,
    Long time no see.
    Lindsey Williams is a really scary man. I think it could be very easy to believe everything he says, but then again, I think it is possible that he just a charlatan. He is intelligent, has done a lot of homework, and has that amazing pseudo-evangelical style.
    So why has he disappeared from the planet face?
    Maybe he know something that we do not?
    Your old friend, Les

  16. jac

    Re: Lindsey Williams, I know him personally. Sure he sells books to make a buck, but I will tell you I have known him personally for over 20 years. I would say approx 90 percent or more of what he has said will happen has. He is a christ believing man. So I am. That doesn’t mean we should believe anyone by that. We believe people by their deeds like the bible says, by their deeds we shall know them. Obamas deeds so far are really revealing who is really all about.
    The reason Lindsey has disappeared is for 20 years the “Powers that be have had him marked for probably death. Just like Alex jones anyone who tells what the elite doesn’t want us to know.
    He Lindsey got a call from one of those elites in july, it was truly the scariest call he has ever received. I have been with him, at his home when he has received some pretty bazzarre calls from people. So I know this does happen to him. But with that call back in july (I might have that wrong it might have been the last week of june) but anyway they threatened him for one last time to shut up shop. He closed down his web site the very next day. Lindsay has never done anything that radical before. He has never show fear before. But the only thing I can think of is, the Elit’es are getting ready in a major way to take over this world. They are slowly but mathotically plucking the people out of the way that are in the way.
    Seek God, Take the wisdom from people like Lindsey and the rest and leave what you do not like. Remember where there is smoke there is fire. What if, just what if he and the others are right? Are you prepared?? Will you drink the cool aid?

  17. Mark

    For anyone who wants to read the book…

  18. Mark

    it is very funny that even though so much is being said about lindsey williams and the energy non crisis…there is no mention of either in wikipedia…just thought it was odd.

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