From: InfoWars

Presidential candidate, Congressman and now New York Times Bestseller Ron Paul appeared on the Alex Jones show this week to discuss a plethora of issues including the lack of choice and opportunity for real change offered by the three remaining candidates.

Speaking of HIllary, McCain and Obama, the Congressman said:

“There really is no choice there, they all belong to the same group, they are beholden to the military industrial complex and the medical industry, the media industry, the whole works, the banking industry. The rhetoric is different but they’re all after power and there is not going to be a lot of difference.”

Paul, author of Revolution: A Manifesto, Agreed that Obama offers a false “revolution” in that he speaks constantly of change but at the heart of it represents a continuation of the same political system.

“If we have an Obama Presidency we’re not suddenly going to have an ethical foreign policy, the same forces will still have their control.” …

In response to the revelations that the Congressman was a topic of concern amongst elites at the recent Trilateral Commission meeting in Washington, Dr. Paul was not surprised:

“What you’re telling me explains that it isn’t the Republicans running the show or the Democrats, but it’s the powerful special interests, the elites who control both parties, you know the Trilateral people and others, they’re the ones who are afraid of our ideas because they would be very intimidated by a gold standard or a non interventionist foreign policy where we’re not policing the world.”

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