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Former Governor Jesse Ventura slammed the media witch hunt that he was subjected to in the wake of questioning the official 9/11 story and admitted that he was shocked by the reaction to his comments about the demolition of WTC 7 and the twin towers, but the ex-wrestling and movie star reiterated and expanded upon his views on 9/11 during an appearance on The Alex Jones Show.

“How come we’re not allowed to ask any questions today?” asked Ventura, referring to the hostile corporate media reaction that was elicited in response to his last appearance on The Alex Jones Show when he questioned the official 9/11 story. …

Ventura slammed the corporate media for obsessing about issues of little or no significance, drawing from personal experience when he was told what stories to cover during his tenure as an MSNBC host, but warned, “Rest assured the Internet will be the next thing the government will try to control.” …

“Why if the Al-Qaeda truly attacked us, why would we not be fighting them in Afghanistan, instead we’re focusing in the opposite direction and going into Iraq who had nothing to do with it,” said Ventura, adding, “In fact Saddam Hussein feared Al-Qaeda as a problem for him.”

Ventura stated that one of the biggest alarm bells that made him suspicious about 9/11 was George W. Bush’s reluctance to form a commission to investigate the attacks.

“I put myself in that position as a Governor or as a President – if I had a disaster happen like the one we had here in Minnesota where the bridge fell into the water, you would immediately commission a full blown public study,” he said.

“Yet George Bush stonewalled an investigation for over two years and the only reason he did one was because of pressure from the 9/11 victims,” added Ventura.

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