Watch Ken’s Video Message


“I love getting out there and finding these places,
because I love to bring them back to all you people
out there.

And hopefully,
when we see the beauty of creation,
it’ll just give us a bit of peace in our very busy lives.”


“This time,
I’m going to show you photos with my little camera….

I show you photos with my big cameras,
and you probably all think:
‘Well, that’s easy for you
because you’ve got this big camera.’

But look, why I’m showing you photos with this
is because you can take great photos with anything.”

The hardest part, really, about photography
is getting out of bed and getting on with the job

and actually doing it.

Because often we think, awe,
I won’t get out of bed because, awe,
it’s not going to really happen because
we just love our bed or our comfort.

So if you want to get great photos,
be prepared to get out there and get into it.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske