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The Wrangell Mountains had fresh snow Sunday. Friends just back from a couple weeks hiking in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve reported they were snowed on.

Snow left from last winter still blocks the Resurrection Pass Trail in Chugach National Forest. And I have to pull on the fleece in order to sit on my southwest-facing deck and enjoy evening sunshine.

The summer sun, admittedly, feels as good and warm as ever. But the air, well, something is wrong with the air.

The air is cold. As soon as the sun disappears behind a cloud, the temperature starts falling as if it were nighttime in the desert.

A bright sun warming the deck one evening last week actually encouraged to me engage in the foolishness of pulling on shorts and a short-sleeved jersey for an evening mountain bike ride.

After 10 minutes, the sun went under a cloud, the wind started blowing, and I had to beat a retreat toward home to ward off hypothermia.

The weather this summer may even be worse than the skyrocketing price of fuel. After nine months of winter, we’re entitled to a little respite, and then we get this?

Anchorage, according to National Weather Service records, didn’t have a day that hit 70 in June, and the weather service record station is in a warm spot.

There were more days in the 50s than in the 60s. It’s been so cold, the midnight-sun days even feel darker.

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