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Bob Chapman: Illuminati Temporarily Propping Up Economy to Fool Americans Into Electing McCain

From: The International Forecaster, 9/13/08

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” This line from Shakespeare’s play, “Macbeth,” comes to mind when we consider the future of America as we watch our government continue to take on debt after debt after inane debt, heaping more and more responsibility for the financial obtuseness of its privileged elite on its hapless peon taxpayers, profligately spending, borrowing, bailing out and inflating us into some sort of nightmarish, moral hazard oblivion. Welcome to our new Banana Republic, a country that is now characterized by nonstop hyperinflation, bailouts and moral hazard – and which will soon decline into another Great Depression. The nationalization of Fannie and Freddie has set us on a path from which there can be no return, carving out for us a much wider and deeper swath of financial death and destruction of a magnitude never dreamed of by even the most pessimistic among us. Our economy is now in a temporary state of suspended animation by use of an economic act of smoke and mirrors, with the Sword of Damocles waiting overhead, waiting to chop us into tiny pieces. The implications are dire. And worse yet, this has all been planned for a while now, having been decided by the Illuminati soon after they watched their precious system burn to the ground right before their eyes a year ago in August. Hence, you heard Goldman Sachs pronounce late last year: “Short Gold for 2008.” They knew this was coming last year, because these evil reprobates planned it to happen that way. They knew the jig was up when their subprime plot was exposed by analyst Meredith Whitney of Oppenheimer & Co. They knew the implosion of Fannie and Freddie would happen eventually when the fraudulent mortgages started to go bad, but it happened far sooner than they had wanted or expected, and caught them with their pants down. So, what was supposed to be a future plan to merge our mortgage lending system into their growing corporatist, fascist, financial structure, was moved from the back burner to the front burner, and now you all see the results in spades.

What we may be witnessing here is a combination of internecine warfare between American and European branches of the Illuminati, mixed in with financial warfare between countries that are not yet totally owned and controlled by the Illuminati, like China and Russia, and those countries which are under the Illuminist yoke, like the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. Note that the Middle East countries like to play both ends to the middle, by pitting the Europeans against the Americans, or Illuminist dominated nations against non-Illuminist nations, which often adds clouds of confusion to events going down on the international front. …

So the Illuminati have been forced by these circumstances to re-strengthen the dollar, and to bail out the GSE bondholders. They made the other nations wait until the time was right, meaning that they wanted to implement this appeasement at a time of their choosing, the objective being to make America look strong economically right before elections to keep their incumbent henchmen in power. They also managed to wedge in an oil/food/commodity profit extravaganza for the tanking fraudsters along the way, with a nice little temporary trade deficit reduction thrown in for good measure via the weakened dollar. Hence, just before elections, the dollar has been pushed up, and the GSE’s have been nationalized.

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  1. john smith

    Please publish an article letting Americans know what they can do to best prepare for the oncoming Depression. What to start buying, where ideal places to live will be, stress the importance of investing in wells, and what signs to look for to know when it’s time to put the gun under the pillow.

    Let’s stop complaining about the Illuminati and start preparing for the Depression. Saving lives starts now, not after the world is in chaos! Let’s be ready, let’s be overly prepared, let’s be able to hit the depression instead of it hitting us.

  2. Jeff Fenske


    I appreciate your comment, but here’s the way I see it.

    Most of us live in cities. Look around and see the hate and anger, and imagine what many of these people would do in order to eat—especially since just about everybody thinks they’re going to heaven no matter what they do anyway.

    So people should prepare in the natural: Stan & Holly Deyo’s site is a tremendous resource, and there are probably dozens of other good ones too.

    And Joel Skousen is also an expert on ‘safe places’ to live during a crisis.

    For me, personally, the only safe place is to live is where the Holy Spirit leads us to, perhaps having done homework in the natural as well.

    I believe a revival is going to come, very possibly starting in Alaska. And when the community is strong in loving their neighbors as ourselves, we can make it through anything.

    And those who are really good at preparedness, they can lead the way to help the entire community get ready—not just a few.

    If only a few have their act together…. Yikes!

    I also like the idea of Christian communities like kibbutzes. I stayed overnight at a kibbutz in Israel once, and I was impressed with the concept, which is partially similar to the first church in Acts; though, joint ownership isn’t as complete. Which may even be better than the Acts model.

    But the main thing is that both the fear of and love for God come into communities. As it is now, most churches are farces. And most people know it. They’re supposed to know us by our love for one another. They’re not impressed with seeker services and this program or that. It’s all phony if there isn’t real love going on—where the leaders are clean. Then God shows up, and the community has respect for God again.

    This can happen, and I wish it would, soon, but hte deception is so great that it may take some more serious decline in the country before enough people are really willing to jump into Jesus and away from their sin. It takes real commitment to get right with those we’ve hurt, confessing our sins to one another so community can happen, so life can come—so we can live in love, y’all!!! The only thing that is stopping it from happening is us.

    Why does it take a crisis before enough people are willing to reconsider that maybe what they were taught about Christianity and politics was far from being even close to the truth.

    We’re supposed to be led by the Spirit—to walk in love—to love our neighbor as ourself (which includes Iraqis and Palestinians, and Russians…. Instead of being the Good Samaritan, we’re now the preemptive killers, invading and bombing anyone who may do something to us, someday. We’re sick, and the world knows it. And part of what needs to be done for peace to happen in our communities is for the ‘Christians’ who’ve supported the killing of innocent people over there to repent and stop voting for evil.

    God cannot bless people who destroy others without it being clearly self-defense and clearly the last resort. We are sick, and we act like nothing is wrong. God help us put first things first: getting right with God and all people. Then revival will come. Then we’ll be givers, “and the world will come.” We’ll have joy. And then if we get martyred, big deal. We’re right with God and one another, and people saw our fruit and were satisfied. They had a chance to accept or reject it because they really saw it in us—loving God with all our heart…and all of our neighbors as ourselves.

    They saw it. The bunker mentality won’t bring this about. We must get right with everyone, and listen to the Holy Spirit, and read in the Bible what it really says.

    Then life will come, and community will happen, and we’ll be safe in God’s arms—one with each other.

    Praise God!

    Both of my sites are dedicated to this happening, by the way. I encourage people to investigate what is really going on before it’s too late.

    To be free no matter what happens!

    Jeff Fenske : )

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