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For more than a week the news media has been a buzz, clamoring for the need to change our regulatory system. The passage, by Congress, of “The Treasury Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory System,” will hand over to the Federal Reserve the last vestiges of our financial sovereignty: savings and loans; state chartered banks; thrifts and credit unions; the entire mortgage and insurance systems, as well as oversight of the Payment and Settlement System of Wall Street. In addition, the Feds would gain oversee rights to all of America’s financial markets. (Read “The Treasury Blueprint for a Modernized Financial Regulatory Structure,”).

Most Americans can’t fathom what is really happening. How could something like this happen in America? How did people who lived through the 1929 Crash and Great Depression manage when everything they knew changed overnight? The answer is: they were not in debt the way Americans are today. Multi-generations lived together, all working to pay off the mortgage. Additionally, a great many families lived on farms where they could raise their own food. Today, we are dependent on large banks for our mortgage and debt and big grocery stores for our food rather than our own farm.

We know from various historians that when the stock market crashed in 1929, the Federal Reserve was at fault because they did not put liquidity into the system but took it out, thus exacerbating the Crash and causing the Great Depression. In response, on the day he was sworn in, newly elected President Franklin D. Roosevelt took control of all private ownership of gold when he closed the banks down. He also instituted a number of socialistic measures to put Americans to work with infrastructure projects. Today, the Federal Reserve is putting billions of newly printed dollars into the American and global financial system which will increase the interest on the debt that Americans owe to the Federal Reserve. We have no idea, at this time, what that will do to our purchasing power, but you can be sure that it will drop. In fact, the value of the dollar could drop so low that we will have to merge our currency with Canada, Mexico, and the other countries of this hemisphere, or even forego the proposed Amero for the Special Drawing Right-SDR, a basket of five currencies: …

As I have written before, our entire economy and all of our assets are in the process of being transferred to the Federal Reserve, who now appears to be running the United States of America. We have had a bloodless coup by a very, very powerful group of ruthless men who not only control the United States of America but in unity, control the world in conjunction with all of the other central banks. Furthermore, they have united to intervene in global markets. …

For America, it began in 1913 when those who opposed a central bank went home for Christmas.

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