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Dr. Mercola: How Much Vitamin D?


New research has once again placed optimum vitamin D intake at much higher than the current recommended amount.

The study of 138 subjects suggested a daily dose of 3800 IU for those with adequate blood vitamin D levels, and 5000 IU each day for those who are vitamin D deficient.

The current recommended intakes for vitamin D are as low as 200 IU daily for those aged 19-50, and go only as high as 600 IU daily for those over the age of 70.

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  1. Diane Williamson

    Is it possible to take too much Vitamin D-3? I am taking 10,000 per day.

  2. Jeff Fenske


    I’m careful not to give specific nutritional advice, because we don’t have freedom of medicine/remedies in this country, and Big Pharma is actively trying to destroy those who make claims.

    With that said, I have heard that one can take too much. At 200+ pounds, I personally take about 6,000 iu per day with sometimes a little bit less in summer, when I get sun exposure. But I wouldn’t take any more than that, nor have I ever found the need. I test nutrients with the kineseology, muscle testing technique, but Dr. Mercola and others recommend a specific lab test.

    The amount needed seems to be mainly based upon the weight of the individual and the amount of sun exposure. From what I’ve heard, women are generally recommended to take less than men, but that’s probably because women are generally lighter in weight. But what if one is heavier? I don’t know.

    I have never heard anyone suggest to take as much as 10,000 iu, except for short term use, to get the levels built back up in a deficient person.

    I did find this article that may be of help to you: Can You Overdose on Vitamin D?
    It’s Harder Than You Think
    , which has recommendations and lists the symptoms of Vitamin D overdose.

    By the way, there is a lot of talk (still not enough though) on vitamin D, but there is also a severe deficiency in America in iodine, and I’ve found selenium too. And the RDA for selenium (even what Dr. Mercola recommends. I don’t know why even naturopaths seem to be under-recommending this crucial nutrient; though, they’re up to speed on vitamin D and iodine.) seems to be way too low in my experience. But I haven’t said much about it because of the Big Pharma anti-nutrition policemen. Brewer’s yeast (nutritional yeast) is a great source.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Tj

    All I know is the right Vitamin D levels cleared my Psoriasis. I no longer suffer from this horrible condition. I started very slowly taking only about 700 iu a day. I would see it clear here and there. I then bumped it up to 2000 iu a day and saw much more improvement. At 5000 iu a day after a few months I am totally clear. I also cannot even begin to describe the other benefits that come with taking the right dose of Vitamin d. My hair is stronger, I have increases libido, I don’t have depressive thoughts any longer and I just feel better in general.

  4. Hi: My wife and I take a synthetic Vitamin D3 from Walgreens and I don’t think this kind is good, I would prefer an alternative one such as Dr. Mercols has, my wife is 70 and I am 74 what would you frecommend I don’t think 1000 units is enough, I need some help on this please let me know. Thanks for listening Robert Putnam 2124 Carrell road Mariner’s Landing APT 330 Fort Myers, Florida 33901-8049

    • Jeff Fenske


      I just now updated an article I wrote about this on my personal blog, Vitamin D in Anchorage. I include in it an inexpensive online offer that a vitamin semi-wholesaler is currently running.

      I would say more but we don’t have freedom of medicine in the U.S.. I would steer away from M.D.s and toward N.D.s, naturopaths, whom I discuss briefly. You and your wife’s lives are worth it!

      And your Walgreens, synthetic Vitamin D is probably worthless, like you’re thinking.

      God bless!

      Jeff Fenske

  5. Michael

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I have borderline levels of vitamin D (70 nmoL/L) and have been told by my GP to take 2000 IU of D3 per day, because it’s winter in Australia and there is not enough sunlight at the moment. I have found that when I take the D3 during the day it really makes me exhausted for the day and oddly at night I’m waking throughout the night. Is it’s ok to try to take D3 at night before sleep or will that confuse my body because D3 is normally produced during the day? I was just concerned that if i take D3 before sleeping that somehow my body will interpret D3 that I get from sunlight during the day as a queue to sleep??? Thought you would know more about this question than anyone else. Thank you very much for your time.

    Kind regards

    • Jeff Fenske


      I don’t fully know the answer to your question, and I can’t say much because we don’t have freedom of medicine in the US. Big Pharma likes to prosecute anyone who isn’t an M.D. who gives advice.

      I would suggest seeing a naturopath, N.D., if you have them down under. 2,000 i.u. isn’t very much for wintertime, especially since you already know for sure you’re low. And I’ve never heard of getting side effects from taking it.

      It’s possible you have some bad quality vitamin D3. I get mine from my naturopath, but regular health food store brands have good D3 also. Different brands of vitamins can vary greatly.

      Full spectrum lighting can help the winter blues too — but won’t take the place of a lack of D3.

      Also, far infrared mineral lamps feel really great in winter too. They seem to have a component that we ordinarily get from the sun during summer.

      I hope you feel better!


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