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Ralph Nader on Bohemian Grove


Ralph Nader was interviewed on KSRO by Pat Thurston in July 2005, talking about the annual retreat of the Bohemian Grove Society about to take place along the Russian River. In the interview Ralph explains what these rich and powerful men do up in the woods each summer, and why we should care.


Ron Paul: On Passage of the Bailout


Bush 41 dons Bohemian Grove hat during interview about VP race

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  1. paul nader vets united

    Barack John
    Left and rights of passage
    Black and whites of youth
    Who can face the knowledge
    that the truth is not the truth?
    Obsolete Absolute

    Ron Ralph
    Cruising under your radar
    Watching from the satellites
    Take a page from the red book
    and keep them in your sights
    Red alert Red alert

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