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Chuck Norris: “Ron Paul is the Only Guy I Trust”

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“Truthfully, when the Republicans were in control of the Congress in those first six years of Bush’s…, they ran us into the ground. So the Democrats said, ‘Well, we’ll change everything. We’ll make everything better.’ So now the Democrats have control of Congress, and they run us deeper into the ground. I don’t know who to trust. I don’t trust any of them. Ron Paul is the only guy I trust.

…If I had one wish, if they give me one wish, I’d like to line up all the members of Congress, and have Ron Paul walk with me down the line and say, ‘Okay, which one’s corrupted? Which one’s corrupted?’ And the ones he says, points to as corrupted I will choke them unconscious and stick them into a pile.”

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  1. Rich Moore

    Chuck Norris has recently recanted of his RINO-NEOCON views and joined Ron Paul in ousting congressional corruption–watch his interview on “Alex Jones” show… Also, I’ve just completed his new NY Times best seller (#14), “Black Belt Patriotism.” It is amazing–and cites heavily from Ron Paul and Founders, and fights repeatedly for Constitutional Republic. It is not merely a political diatribe, but Chuck’s cultural manifesto (with his new pro-Ron Paul conversion) covering issues from economy to the traditional family, historic revisions of our religious heritage, and even his own personal nutrition workout plan. Don’t believe me, check out the professional and people’s reviews at Amazon…

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