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“I’m not sorry that we’re in Iraq. … We’ve liberated another country. I mean, you know, freedom. …

I don’t know if you guys are Christians or not, but it’s like someone coming to Jesus and becoming saved. These guys have freedom. …

Has it kept us safe? Absolutely. I believe in that 100 percent.”

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• Over 1 million Iraqis dead — men, women, children, unborn, old folk. Where are they now?

• Many millions displaced, out of work, can’t walk the streets safely.

• Millions of Christians have fled the country

• Hatred of the US quadrupled, worldwide

• Dislike for American ‘Christians’ multiplied worldwide, even in the US

• America is broke, financially and more than ever, morally — blood on our hands and many evangelicals  unwilling to change heart

• Saddam wouldn’t play ball anymore with the globalists, so we took him out — just like the CIA and our military does over and over again. Liberation was the sell after the WMDs weren’t found

• Iraq was under intense sanctions and inspections. The weren’t a danger to anyone, with or without WMDs

• We gave Saddam the biologicals, many of which we blew up in Bush War I. 2/3 or US Desert Storm troups became ill

• How would Joe like it if a country did to us what we did to Iraq? Would he still say it felt like getting born-again — if he survived?

• And people who get born-again do so voluntarily, out of their own free will. No one can force someone to become a Christian. It’s a heart thing. And now ‘Christians’ think they can force their idea of liberation on entire nations without being invited, and it’s like we’re born-againing them???

• Notice, I didn’t mention yet the 4,000 US troops killed, with many thousands maimed and psychologically wounded. How can ethical human beings only mention the casualties on our side — especially since they didn’t do anything to us to warrant invasion. This isn’t a game. All people are precious. We are so selfish.

• Oh, yeah. Now, we torture detainees, holding many indefinitely

Our day is coming.

What have we become, when ‘Christian’ pastors vote for 4 more years?

We should be ashamed.


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