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The Price the GOP Paid for Backing the Wrong Horse — Media Bias Against Ron Paul Demonstrated

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The strategy of the GOP in deciding their presumptive nominee will be the stuff history is made of. They chose as their darling, first Rudy Guiliani and painted him to be a hero of 911. But his legend was never realized. Widows of 911 and survivors’ families would follow him around his speaking engagements and expose his grievous errors in the tragedy, kind of a buzz kill for a mythical hero. The International Firefighters Association made up of the nations firefighters even created a video regarding the faulty radios Rudy never fixed because he gave what should have been a for bid contract to one of his buddies as a no bid contract. Many heroes lives were lost on that faithful day all to cronyism and abuse of power; all signatures we’ve come to know of the GOP. That’s one of those points even the nightly news couldn’t hide. And the final straw which threw the GOP into an emergency powwow in an attempt to prop up another phony hero as the presumptive nominee was Rudy being booed at Yankee Stadium. If the big apple can’t stand him, forget about the rest of the nation.

[They brought in Fred Thompson to defeat Ron Paul and billionaire Mitt Romney, who didn’t catch on – editor].

So they moved on to plan b, McCain. The other GOP candidates once out of money, moved aside expect one; Ron Paul. His campaign was moving along like a freight train. Now at this point in the game, Ron Paul had set an all time record for fund raising in one day, had the most contributions from active military of any candidate and was pulling voters from all parties into the GOP fold. But the GOP acted as though this ten term Republican Congressman from Texas didn’t exist. On the GOP website when listing potential GOP candidates many states didn’t even list him. They turned their back on a party candidate and they turned their back on potentially millions of new voters to the party. Most polls didn’t even offer him as a choice. The nightly news treated him with disdain and barely mentioned his speaking engagements where tens of thousands of people showed up to listen. I was personally at the University of Michigan where 4,000 people showed up and it didn’t make the news.

An interesting Google labs look into what Americans are searching for reveals some telling information about what Americans wanted and what the news and the GOP delivered. …

You can even watch spikes in McCain news coverage and spikes in searches relating to what users probably saw on TV, peaking their interest to learn more and going to the web. Paul had no such luxury. He was barely a blip on the radar of American election news coverage. Yet Americans were searching with no prompting from their nightly news.  He gained amazing support with a complete media black out.  This chart is from Google trends. To do your own search go to the Google home page, click more, click even more, click labs, click Google trends, or click here.

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