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[Audio] Mysterious Death of Congressman Sonny Bono: Bob Fletcher on ‘Coast to Coast AM’ 10/4/08

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The Assassination of Sonny Bono
Ian [Punnett] was joined by investigative researcher Bob Fletcher, who discussed the mysteries surrounding Sonny Bono’s death and why he believes the former entertainer-turned-politician was assassinated.

Fletcher began by providing background on the toy manufacturing company he started in Marietta, GA in the early ’80s. Fletcher said he merged his operations with a man he’d met at a marketing show in New York, and soon discovered that his new business partner was using the toy company as a front to supply armaments for covert NSA/CIA operations.

Fletcher left the partnership, tried to sue, and began an investigation into the activities of high ranking U.S. military and government officials, who he claims were involved not only in secret weapons dealings but in drug smuggling as well. Fletcher said he’d sent Bono his documentation and the congressman had looked it over and decided to go after the people mentioned in the report. A week and half later Bono was dead.

Fletcher went over the unusual circumstances of Bono’s death, noting that the evidence surrounding the fatal ski accident does not make sense. …

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Bob Fletcher’s comments at: Tomorrow (5/11) on ‘Coast’: “Bob Fletcher will talk about Sonny Bono’s mysterious death” (First Hour)

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