On occasion, I check out photographers’ sites to get ideas for what can be done with a camera.

I stumbled on this site, and what kept me from not wanting to move on was the incredible song that repeats. I looked up the lyrics, and it’s called “Breath In,” from the duo, Frou Frou, of whom Imogen Heap was the singer.

For the ultimate “Breath In” experience, I recommend John’s “Other” gallery. Visit the site; click ‘Galleries,’ then ‘Other,’ drag the edges of your browser’s window to completely fill the monitor, and leave it on for awhile. It’s definitely better in (((stereo))).

I actually enjoyed the mystery of it a bit more before I read the lyrics. It’s specifically about the anticipation of a relationship happening. But it could also be about ONE happening (the church becoming ONE with each other in Christ — John 17, finally!) — what I talk about so much at my spiritual site: OneCanHappen.

“Is this it?” (a line from the song). As the world goes down we can go up!

“Breath In” is a danceable joy to behold!

Jeff : )

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