Freedom from Alaska!

Russian Professor: Crisis to Split USA Into 6 Pieces by 2010?? Alaska Returns to Russia??

Is this a prediction of what will happen, or just what many Russians apparently hope will happen? See “CNN: Russia Embracing…” link, below.


Russia Today interviews Igor Panarin, a professor at the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian foreign affairs ministry, who believes the economic crisis in the US has confirmed his long-held belief that the country is heading for extinction in its present form. source


Full article at PrisonPlanet: Russian “Infowar” Analyst Says U.S. Will Break Apart (includes US map)

CNN: Russia Embracing Professor’s Idea that U.S. Will Break Up Into Pieces by 2010


Congresswoman Maxine Waters Threatens to Nationalize All Oil Companies


Secret Citibank Memo: ‘Inflation Shock,’ Depression and/or Civil Disorder Coming in 2009/10


  1. whitedragon1796

    ya i think this is BULL$h!T

  2. Russ

    I would like to see the country divided in 3, one section dems, one section republics, and one section true conservatives. We split the current debt in 3 equal parts. The conservatives would pay it off the quickest and would also have the most prosperity because they wouldn’t regulate business to death and wouldn’t shove govt down everyone’s throats. They would also reject govt welfare and would not reward laziness. Those people can go live with the democrats and drag their economy down and increase their crime rate.

    In the conservative country, you would have to take care of yourself – and if you can’t hack it, you either starve to death or move in with the libs. The Republican section would be mix of the conservative & liberal and would do second best in terms of economy & prosperity. The liberal section would soon fall under its own weight. Those living there would have to move to another country or seek permission to enter the other two countries – under the condition that they be productive & work.

  3. innocent

    The USA may or may not collapse either economically and or politicaly.Future events are cetainly

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