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Dr. Stanley Monteith: The One-World Religion is Really What Globalism is All About

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from The Alex Jones Show, 2/5/09


Dr. Stan — Radio Liberty
The story behind the story;
the news behind the news

Alex Jones:

“What’s happening, in your expert analysis, with the economy right now, with their attack program, and why are they [the globalists] now emerging and announcing everything we’ve warned people about for decades? What does it mean that they’re now going public?

Dr. Stanley Monteith:

“Well, I think that they feel that the American people, their minds are so controlled, they really will not be able to connect the dots. But your job and my job is to help them connect the dots.

Their ultimate goal is a one-world government, a one-world economic system with a one-world currency,

BUT, what everybody’s missed is the one-world religion. And this is really what it’s all about. Because there are powerful, spiritual forces at work behind this whole movement for a one-world government.


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  1. So many do not understand the alien mind that lies behind the machinations of most of the evil on this planet. The religions call it Satan, but they do not know how it works to thwart humanity. The Battle of Armageddon is really the spiritual battle for the mind of humanity, not a battle fought with guns and bombs. Dr. Monteith is exactly correct. Delamer Duverus has given us an incredible understanding of this through a booklet He calls, “The Seven Thunders” found on our website. We just don’t know the extent of their plans because they have their tentacles into every facet of our lives.

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