Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from: David Icke – Live At Oxford Union Debating Society 1 of 11

David Icke at Oxford:

“If one person is standing up and saying something,
it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Just because everybody seems to be saying the same thing
doesn’t mean it is true

There was a time, when, if I would have stood here
centuries ago and said the earth is round?

‘The guy’s a nut!’ …

If you want to suppress someone’s sense of what’s possible
all you need to do overwhelmingly is to suppress the information
they receive about what is possible. …

So: ‘The earth’s not flat, it’s a sphere.’ (level of information)

‘You’re mad! …’

Introduce more information:
law of gravity.

Ahhhh, the apparently ridiculous now becomes possible.

The difference between the two:
the level of information.

So he who controls information
controls our sense of possibility