Trouble sleeping? Could this be the reason why?

I just watched much of the movie, “Ganja Queen,” in which an Australian woman was being tried by an Indonesian court for attempting to smuggle 10 pounds of marijuana into Bali.

Apparently, Australians were as enthralled with this trial as the Americans who were stuck to their TVs during the O.J. Simpson case. After the verdict was read (broadcast live all over Australia), her Mom who yelled this at the judges:

~”You will never sleep again!

When I searched the net to make sure this is the exact quote, I couldn’t find her quote, but found another insomnia curse in comment #956 on page 20 at this petition.

Help Bring Schapelle Corby Home… A Free Woman!
Target: The Hon. Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia
Sponsored by:

# 956:
9:00 pm PDT, Jun 30, Sonia [____], Canada

I want to make sure this case is heard all over the news again and again until Schapelle is freed and cleared of all charges. I want the governement of Indonesia to realize that they are killing an innocent women, and they will never sleep well. May they have floods, life lost, land health and wealth as punishment from the gods for this unjustice. May the plagues of the worlds ingulph them until they do what is right and set her free. This I pray until the governement admits that they wanted to make an example of her not caring that she actually was and is innocent!


By the way, this is the side of the story the movie did not show. These cursed judges were probably right.


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