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Review Of Henry Makow’s
Book, Cruel Hoax

By Gregory M. Zeigler

Henry Makow has summed up years of his research on the modern so-called feminist movement in an important new collection of essays, published by Silas Green in book form under the title Cruel Hoax.

The two principal conclusions of Dr. Makow’s research can be summed up simply. First, contrary to its professed nature, the so-called feminist movement is anything but a grassroots, liberal, spontaneous Zeitgeist. Quite to the contrary, Makow traces its origins to a long-term plan by very elite banking interests to destroy the family as part of a grand goal of remaking a world social environment more conducive to absolute, despotic control. Second, Makow arrays a battery of facts to show that the so-called feminist movement is to the disadvantage of men, women, and children… but above all to the detriment of women, thus making it the Cruel Hoax.

As a collection of essays, Makow’s work makes for easy reading. One can bookmark it and read it in bite-sized chunks during a busy week of work. The 239-page book is broken down into four major sections. Book I is entitled “Feminism, Communism, and the NWO.” Book II is “Homosexuality and Heterosexuality.” Book III bears the bold title “How Heterosexuality Works.” The fourth and final book is “Freemasonry, Brainwashing and the Illuminati.” Each of these books is broken down into about ten separate essays, making their absorption a manageable task for a busy reader.

Dr. Makow is the ultimate big-picture thinker. With a doctorate in English literature, his initiation into the world of sexual politics got a rough start when he praised the heterosexual vision of D.H. Lawrence in college courses, arousing the ire of faculty feminists. As his personal pilgrimage progressed, Makow’s wide reading and penetrating curiosity took him into many other areas that he discovered to be relevant to the issue of sexual politics.

Religion is a central concern of his book. Makow, who is a Jew, is intensely interested in the seventeenth and eighteenth century doctrines of Sabatai Zvi and Jacob Frank. Although Makow, echoing the sentiments of some Orthodox rabbis of their times, refers to these doctrines as heretical, the lack of a universally accepted formal mechanism for identifying Judaic doctrines as heretical makes this assessment somewhat subjective. Be that as it may, Makow links these doctrines to elements of the Kabbalah, rather than the Torah, and traces some roots of their doctrines in ancient near-eastern cults such as those of Astarte, and to more modern movements such as Satanism. Makow is emphatic that the inherent enmity between the patriarchal vision of classical Judaism and the sex-worshipping world view of the Astarte cult has been revived in modern feminism.

Makow is also deeply interested in history, particularly the history of the communist era and the world wars. He traces the origins of communism to the same banking interests that have a long-term commitment to the destruction of the nuclear family. He does not hesitate to name names of individuals or organizations. The Tavistock Institute, Ford Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations, and many other influential organizations come under fire in his book. So also do some of their most powerful and wealthy supporters.

Above all, Makow is interested in human psychology.

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