From: World Net Daily

There needs to be a quaint colloquialism Americans can use to describe when a politician looks you square in the eye and tells you an obvious lie. At least, one fit for polite company.

Like when our American president bows down low before a foreign potentate and then denies it. Once the picture hit the American media, the White House scrambled to explain that Obama had to bend over to his waist level in order to grasp King Abdullah by both hands when greeting him last week at the G-20 meeting.

So what you saw wasn’t what you really saw. It was just a recorded figment of your imagination. […]

So, why did he lie? It was clearly a lie. It was as obvious a lie as when Bill Clinton tried to hang his veracity on the meaning of the word “is.”

What bothers me on an equal level to the president’s act of subservience to a Muslim king is the ease with which he lied to the American people about it – and the willingness of the mainstream media to pretend that they believe it. And more than that, how little respect it shows for his own people. How dumb does he think we are?

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