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The Fed The Ultimate Zombie
Latest Issue: June 24th, 2009: Mistakes of and good intentions of Lincoln and Kennedy, As the Fed absorbs the toxic waste of its friends, it becomes a zombie bank in its own right, the perils of printing the dollar, the deliberate march to the destruction of the dollar, – No comments yet.

Spending, Debt and Collapse Predicts Hyperinflation
June 20th, 2009: Public Private Investment Partnerships sell off toxic waste, hyperinflation clearly in our future, gold and silver must eventually skyrocket, bailouts behind everyones backs, since central banks control the money flow, they are responsible, the king of stagflation – No comments yet.

The Credit Crisis Is Not Over After 23 Months
June 17th, 2009: Rally of 1931 to haunt the markets this year, SEC hasnt really stopped anything, Fed must find a way to hide toxic assets, bear market not reversible, Currencies deprecate against gold, funding new health insurance initiatives not easy in times of debts, Monetary policy to become inflationary – No comments yet.

Profits Privatized and Losses Socialized
June 13th, 2009: How much longer for USD as world currency? moral abdication enables collapse of dollar, hyperinflation, china to be in a currency war, more money being created out of thin air, experts have reasons for their pessimism, default swaps were never understood by regulators, – No comments yet.

Financial Bailout Plan Keeps Zombie Banks Alive
June 10th, 2009: 37th bank failure this week Madoff fraud tally being calculated, recession continues to deepen, financial zombies kept alive after almost destroying our financial system, Promise to head of hyperinflation is hollow, We get trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, VAT on the way, on Wall Street, transparency, oversight, and accountability do not exist, details on bailouts are state secrets – No comments yet.

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